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Re: (TFT) TFT: Wizardry Talent

Dave Seagraves wrote:
> I think a fair cost for Wizardry might be 4 IQ points.  That would 
> allow a fighter-type to know a spell for 5 IQ points (Wizardry (4) + 
> Spell (1)) and a full-blown spellcaster could still have a decent 
> number of spells in his repertoire: An IQ 10 wizard could have up 
> to 6 spells after buying the Wizardry overhead -- not too bad.

Hmm....comparing this to "normal" TFT: buying one spell under the new
system is much worse (5 pts instead of 3).  You break even at two 
spells (6 pts either way), except that now you don't have -4 DX to 
cast those two spells, and can do anything a wizard can do.  Sounds 
like a pretty darn good deal.  

The other effect is that characters who want to mainly be spellcasters
can now pick up talents for the normal cost instead of the double 
cost that wizards had pay under TFT...this opens up a lot of options.

I think that *a lot* of characters would buy this talent, even if the
cost was five or six.  That could be good or it could be bad.  There
would be a lot more magic around, and character generation would be 
even more flexible than it is now.  

All in my opinion, etc.

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