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(TFT) TFT: Wizardry Talent

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Michael writes . . .
>>>>> Wizardry for 12 /attribute/ points???  That's a typo, right?  But if
>>>>>ST 6, DX 6.  I'd better load him up on
>>>>>those handicaps and keep him out of trouble until he's a 45-point

Now you know why they're so old...... ;}

>>>>>>P.S.  The hotel that GAMEX @ L.A. Airport is the WESTIN Hotel.
>>>>>   Is this still on?  Several digests back I polled everyone to get a
>>>>>count but no one piped up.  If enough people commit to attending then
I'd be
>>>>>willing to hop a train and run a mini-adventure there.  I'd love to
run it
>>>>>/on the train/, but that's probably asking too much.  (Trains.  I love
>>>>>trains.  :)

I'm there every year! Of course, I live pretty close by....

I'll definitely be there, hanging about near the Fantasy Chess booth! Let
me know what day and time!

>>>>>   You guys all have a legit IQ 23 wizard, right?  8^)
Who doesnt?


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