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(TFT) Talent Packaging for TFT

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>>>>>>>> I had the view that if 
>>>>>>>>you're going to offer a package, it should be discounted [you can
buy the 
>>>>>>>>burger/fries/coke individually for $5 or you can order our "Happy
>>>>>>>>which is burger/fries/coke for $4.25.]  

Why does that make the "discount" appropriate? What is the McDonalds
equivalent of "Game Balance"? 

McDonald's is giving you more because you are saving them money by making
it easier for them to prepare the meal (less labor is involved in making
the well-practiced Happy Meal). 

But the characters getting more talents doesn't help the GM! It only helps
the players. So why are they getting a discount, when they're the ones
being helped? 

>>>>>>>>I offer these to you to pick apart because I KNOW these are
potential powder 
>>>>>>>>kegs of creativity or scorn.

Scorn. This is where the munchkins live! I'm not referring to you
personally, but speaking from the experience of playing Champions (where
the concept of Package Deals - and discounts) came from. They were a great
way to get free points. Can't afford martial arts skills? Say you were an
ex-policeman and you could shave two points off! 

>>>>>>>>   (-1) Code Of Honor - See to the safety of ship & cargo

How is this worth 1 attribute point!!?! Now the MINIMUM cost for an
Attribute point is 125 EP (ITL:11). But the 'bad roleplaying' penalty for
ignoring it is 10 EP! So you could ignore it up to 13 times before it paid
for itself! If your going to Monty Haul, just give them 33 points instead!

And how many sailors *dont* have this? Let me get this straight. Common
sense for a sailor is worth 1 pt. But "Make sure that the ship and all
hands go down on every voyage" is worth nothing...

Run away! Run away!  ;D

No offense meant of course, I just don't see how the game benefits from
this particular change....just my opinion...

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