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(TFT) TFT: Re: Wizardry Talent

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>I have the opposite view.  Many talents are usually more flexible then
spells, while most spells only do one certain narrowly-defined task.
Talents also don't cost fatigue, while almost all spells cost fatigue. <

First, I very much agree. Great! You can read and cast spells! But since
you can't hardly farm or do anything els, you're still not quite the catch
you thought you were...

Maybe he's forgeting the following TFT rules:

Time to Learn New Talents
It takes a minimum of 3 months of study to add a talent requiring 1 IQ
point. A 2-point talent takes 6 months, a 3-point talent 9 months. These
times double for wizards.

But what I REALLY want is your list of spells that cost no fatigue! ;}

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