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(TFT) Modern and Future equipment for TFT

For those of us who run TFT as a 'universal' system, here's a fun little
item I thought I'd share:

Grenade, Flaming Oil. Creates a 1 mh slick oil which ignoes after 1 turn,
and acts just like a Slippery Floor. Burns for 6 turns (30 seconds) in
which it acts like a Molotov on top of a Slippery Floor spell. After that
it acts like a Shadow 7-Hex until it dissipates.

Grenade, Flash. Any person within 2 mh of a flash grenade when it detonates
is blinded for 3 turns like a Dazzle spell. Effects are doubled if the
victim is wearing Light Intensifier goggles. Naturally, if a character
cannot trace line-of-sight to the grenade, he is immune to its effects. For
this purpose, smoke (and Shadow) blocks line-of-sight.

You may recognize the source as Car Wars, the Steve Jackson Game that makes
a great source for TFT equipment!

Here's some convsion notes:

Car Wars                TFT
GE              x1.67 = kg
DP              x3.35 = ST
Damage in d6    x3 = TFT damage
Damage in points        1 pt = 1d6 TFT damage
1" inch         1 Mh
1 turn (1 second)       1 turn (5 seconds)
Armor (#/#)     (divide by 40) and add number after the slash (if any) =

Here are some terrific Car Wars sites:


See! Nothing negative! Have fun with Mecha on Cidri!

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