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(TFT) rules changes !!

From: "Cas Liber" <casliber@ozemail.com.au> Subject: (TFT) rules changes !! Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 23:24:55 -0000

Dear All (& JPB) yes JPB, we too changed rules - I remember in our campaigns, the point cost for Acute Hearing, Charisma and Veteran were reduced by 1 each. I was playing devil's (demon's -this is tft) advocate a bit I must say when i made the comments.

Actually, your comments about countering unbalanced rules was pretty
good. I was just having fun with your opponents court analogy.

So tell me, JPB, do you consider yourself a master then, like Bobby Fischer?

Are you mad? Bobby Fischer is like a child when it comes to playing games. His rule changes are wimpy; let him try and run a game in TFT. When you know TFT well enough, you can break the rules...make the rules...Make The Universe...RULE THE UNIVERSE! HA! HA! HAAAAAAAA!!!

...and then I crit-failed on my 'over the top' performance...
...and thats how I ended up writing e-mails about TFT from a pit in a dank cell in a maximum security....er...

PS: dear JPB, I was fully impressed by the talent packaging stuff for dwarves, and elven kindreds & I'd definitely use that the next
time i GM a game (when my kids hit school age............).

Thanks.  I very much suggest you modify it to your own views on these races.

NB: Have I missed something, what are Spencer's Hemogoblins? Are they
related to Gammagoblins?

Could be...When you know TFT well enough, you can break the rules, make the rules....er...what I meant to say was... Hemogoblins are a maniacal GM's pondering the word HEMOGLOBINS (red pigment in blood cell) just a little to long.


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