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(TFT) Talent Packaging for TFT

TFT Characters        *this heading is for Marc Brewer's compilation*

A short while back [prior to last month 'a short while back' meant about 2 months back, now it means about 3 days ago: This months posting is HUGE] the discussion was on how to get more talents for your buck.

I like TFTs Character Creation ability because you can mix and match a character to exactly your specs; so if you want a wizard that wears chainmail and fights with a sword or a dwarf who is an expert thief and knows two spells, well you can do that. But I also wished to have some set careers that a character can go into and become so versed in the apprenticing that he not only knows more than someone who just took a class in the subject, but is engrained with the biases of that group too. (This is somewhat like D&D, but also DragonQuest and I think its also in a British game system where you have ex-brigand, ex-scholar, current wizard or something like that.)

Note: these Talent Packagings are a quick way to buy into a "class." They probably offer way too much for the conservative GM. I had the view that if you're going to offer a package, it should be discounted [you can buy the burger/fries/coke individually for $5 or you can order our "Happy Meal" which is burger/fries/coke for $4.25.] You get disadvantages as well as the normal talents. These are mostly from GURPS and random Space Gamer articles that I cam across. By the way, I haven't had any player abuse of these yet because the players usually don't use them (except my nephew who wants to play the barbarian shaman), its mostly a GM item right now.

I offer these to you to pick apart because I KNOW these are potential powder kegs of creativity or scorn.

List of careers so far:
(Name of package; minimum IQ to start it; Cost of package as if it was a line item in the ITL talent list; Save +1 means that when you add up the group of talents, advantages, and disadvantages you get this many talents free) {Note: This is a work in progress from 'the usual' years of gaming. Some of it are early attempts to cover topics recently discussed on this site. I would redo some of the point costs and items to better accomodate this websight's views}

Sailor Package               IQ=9     Cost = 1      Save +1
Captain's Sailor Package     IQ=11    Cost = 2      Save +1
Pirate Package               IQ=9     Cost = 1      Save +2
Army Corp of Engineer Pack.  IQ=12    Cost = 4      Save +3
Diplomat Package             IQ=?     Cost = 6      Save +3
Ranger Package               IQ=10    Cost = 4      Save +3
Assassin Package             IQ=?     Cost = 6      Save +2.5
Spy Package                  IQ=?     Cost = 10     Save +6
Knight Package               IQ=10    Cost = 5      Save ?
Samurai Package              IQ=10    Cost = 4      Save ?
Barbarian Hero Package       IQ=9     Cost = ?      Save ?
Military Rank Packages       Various
Mitra Priest Package         IQ=9     Cost = 3      Save +0
Mitra MiracleWorker [Rank 1] IQ=9     Cost = 6      Save +1
Medicine Man Package         IQ=11    Cost = 4      Save +0
Shaman [Rank 1] Package      IQ=11    Cost = 6      Save +2
Psionics                     IQ=?     Cost = ?      Save ?

Here are an example of some:

SAILOR PACKAGE:  IQ = 9, Cost = (1)            (Sailors Guild)
+1  (1) Seamanship (includes rope climbing)    <Tithe = 10% annually>
   (1) Boating
   (1) Swimming
   (1) Diving
   (0) Sailor's Common Tongue  <after 3 years as sailor>
   (-1) Cumpulsion - Sea Wonderlust
   (-1) Code Of Honor - Defer to & Defend your Captain

CAPTAIN'S SAILOR PACKAGE: IQ = 11, Cost = (2)   (Sailor's Guild)
+1  (1) Captain (includes navigation by stars)  <Captain's Guild Tithe
   (1) Seamanship  (includes rope climbing)     = 20% annually>
   (1) Boating
   (1) Swimming
   (1) Diving
   (0) Sailor's Common Tongue  <after 3 years as sailor>
   (-1) Compulsion - Sea Wonderlust
   (-1) Code Of Honor - See to the safety of ship & cargo

PIRATE PACKAGE: IQ = 9, Cost = (1)
+2  (2) Sword
   (1) Boating or Swimming
   (1) Recognize Value
   (1) Climbing (rope)
   (0) Pirates Argot
   (-1) Low Status PIRATE (-1 reaction)
   (-1) Code Of Honor - PIRATE
           Always avenge an insult, regardless of danger;
           Your buddy's foe is your own;
           Never attack a fellow-crewman or buddy except in a
           fair, open duel;
           Anything else goes.

RANGER PACKAGE: IQ = 10, Cost = (4)         (Rangers Society)
+3  (2) Bow
   (2) Animal Handling
   (1) Horsemanship
   (1) Naturalist
   (1) Woodsman (Survival)
   (1) Tracking
   (2) Silent Movement
   (0) Give greetings & aid to Ranger Society members.
   (-2) Sense of Duty - Protect Animals
        You may never kill an animal without a very good reason
        and you should try to prevent others from doing so.
   (-1) Sense of duty - Protect Forests
        You may never kill a tree/plant without a very good
        reason and you should try to prevent others from doing so.

I will post the other careers later.

I definitely want to post the Samurai Package for Alan Robles and the Priest/Miracle Worker and Medicine Man/Shaman Package for Brennan O'Brien.

Also I adapted a version of GURPS Psionics to TFT for one of my players. She had a blind dwarven half-elf psionicist (I smirked when the posts were mentioning about blind disadvantage and seeing thru creations if you're blind) in my old GURPS game and when I reverted back to TFT I made a stab at conversion.

Good Gaming

John Paul
(back from working Walt Disney World sans Mr. Toad)

P.S.  The hotel that GAMEX @ L.A. Airport is the WESTIN Hotel.

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