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(TFT) On attributes

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>>>>>>>>Michael writes,
>>>>>>>><<<I couldn't agree more! What possible difference does it
>>>>>>>>The "IQ Level" is simply an artificial restriction. It's the
equivalent of
>>>>>>>>D&D "levels". All it really represents is how powerful you want to
>>>>>>>>begining characters to be....>>>
>>>>>>>>But remember what Stan stated,
>>>>>>>><<<By this philosphy, though, shouldn't most of these
>>>>>>>>>have an IQ cost of seven?  You don't have to be smart to have good
>>>>>>>>>hearing, after all (viz: dogs).>>>>

In my opinion, this is exactly why TFT makes for good roleplaying and GURPS
doesnt. TFT doesn't make 'exact' distinctions like that. IMHO.

Do you have to be smart to have good hearing? Well that depends on your
background story. If your a dog, no. But if your a spy, maybe your just
well-trained. By this philosophy Two Weapons can be Ambidextrous or it can
also be special training. Either way, the game mechanics are the same. 

TFT doesn't seem to be the right game to have exacting definitions of what
consititutes "good hearing". 

>>>>>>>>Also there is nothing artifical about any of the characteristics in

It does make IQ artificial because it represents far more than "how smart
you are". It also represents how much you know. You keen your eyes are
(naturallly). How quick-thinking you are, and how much effort is required
to learn something. It's not quite "artificial", but it is less exact than
trying to figure out where a talent should be by how much of it is learned
and how much requres effort. Again, this is exactly what I like about TFT.
You put the "mechanic" where the mechanic makes sense - not where the
effort/memorization ratio should be. Thats part of the players roleplaying
opportunity and should be sacred. So by my definition, Ambidextrous is
already in TFT in the form of Two Weapons talent. 

Michael further states,

>>>>>>>>Remember what I said earlier(paraphrased), if you can have
>>>>>>>>(Space Gamer) in the game there should also be advantages.
>>>>>>>>I'm going to put down my mace now (No offense taken, hopefully none

None taken! But you still haven't explained why Talents ARENT Advantages!
They are! 


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