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(TFT) rules changes?

Dear All
I'm reading a lot of e-mail (& looking on Ty's website) and theres a lot of
stuff about changing rules for this/that which seem to me to be fundamental
to the game.  To me this is a bit like playing a game of tennis, and rather
than learning how to hit the ball into the opponents court or serve well,
it's like saying, " I wanna really hit the ball hard so I'm going to make
the opponent's court area 5 times as big. I must admit i really don't have
a problem with the experience or talent system and don't see a need for
major overhaul. Also, there are more creative ways of apparently unbalanced

Example #1: The illusion spell. When we first started playing, every wizard
would cast an illusion of a reptile man with pikeaxe.....charge BANG 4+4
damage (& xp+++++ for wizard). So, rather than change the spell, we noted
that reptilemen were rare and onlookers would be quite likely to disbelieve
them (ditto with most 1-hex monsters). And so there were more modest

Example #2: Pikeaxes. Enemies with IQ of 8 or above will have a fair idea
how dangerous these things are and concentrate their attacks on them. Our
tough guy may get first attack on someone but get beat up by his friends
later (too bad if he put all his points into ST & none into DX (& hence no
armour) to protect hisself once the baddies put the boot in.). There may be
problems with terrain etc.
One campaign I played in, we were in a lair with goblins only but they had
so many traps that it was extremely difficult to just get to close combat
with them before taking losses (traps etc). If you were a goblin/halfling
or similar small guy, you wouldn't be keen on hand to hand combat, would
Or, conversely, maybe that orc tribe has a few nets or savage dog to jump
in HTH combat with our pikeman (hope he has Knife talent....)

There's so much room for extra stuff without changing the basics 
Cas liber
PS: I do enjoy reading the mailing list and some ideas are very

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