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Re: (TFT) rules changes?

From: "Cas Liber" <casliber@ozemail.com.au>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 23:50:23 -0000

Dear All
I'm reading a lot of e-mail (& looking on Ty's website) and theres
a lot of stuff about changing rules for this/that which seem to me to be fundamental to the game. To me this is a bit like playing a game of tennis, and rather than learning how to hit the ball into the opponents court or serve well, it's like saying, "I wanna really hit the ball hard so I'm going to make the opponent's court area 5 times as big. I must admit i really don't have a problem with the experience or talent system and don't see a need for major overhaul.

Hi Cas
When you get to be master level you sometimes want to do some tinkering because your at the peak. Bobby Fisher, Grand Master of Chess, suggested altering chess games by allowing the player to place his back row any way the player wanted. Talk about changing the rules that are fundamental to the game of Sanctified Chess!

As one of those who tinkers with the rules, I've burned rubber all the way to the finish line and I've also crashed and burned in this game. Sometimes you just want to see what can be done to that old flathead Ford. Strip down the chrome, pump up that fuel intake, harden that suspension. Its still a Ford, but now its MY Hot Rod Ford. (Even if the bank owns the pink slip or someone else owns the copyright.)

So sometimes these rules are a bit of whimsy that we are just hashing out on this site, and not necessarly a demolition derby. We're all talking shop here.

Cas liber
PS: I do enjoy reading the mailing list and some ideas are very

So do I and yes they are.


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