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(TFT) TFT @ Gamex

Dave asks
>P.S.  The hotel that GAMEX @ L.A. Airport is the WESTIN Hotel.

Is this still on?  Several digests back I polled everyone to get
a head count but no one piped up. If enough people commit to attending then I'd be willing to hop a train and run a mini-adventure there. I'd love to run it /on the train/, but that's probably asking too much. (Trains. I love trains. :)

Sorry, I thought you were only making a comment and not 'really' wanting info.

As far as I can tell, only two of us will be there (one has dropped out.) Gamex is from 3-6 September in Los Angeles at the WESTIN Hotel. Its about $36 weekend admission and about $100 per night at the WESTIN. (you can get cheaper motels nearby).

I will be available to game on Satarday night. However, I can talk TFT all weekend. I can leave a note on the Gaming Board stating where the TFT game will be held. However, you can come to the Open Gaming room all weekend and hijack unsuspecting D&D players into their first true RPG revelations (or something like that). I will support you on that and you will get to aid in a revival.

You can meet me at the FANTASY CHESS table in either the Open Gaming room or the Miniatures room.

Hail Melee,

John Paul

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