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(TFT) Greff's Journal, 8th day

	Well I've got my foot up taking it easy and feeling
pretty good about things.

	The day started off with the Padrone noticing this
magically concealed skull up in this tree watching the fort.
Ben knocked it down with a padded arrow.  It turns out it 
was a fake and couldn't spy on us anyway.  But the Padrone
didn't want to take chances so we buried it.  

 	When that druid went to get the skull he stepped 
on a bear trap and nearly lost a foot.  There was a spell on 
it so the wound can't heal so everyone says he will die soon.

	Merrick found more traps.  We buried the traps
around the pallisade as a surprise.  They are so heavy that I
figure they would hold down a cave troll.  I mentioned to
Drimkror to anchor them solid so he locked their chain to a 
buried root.

	The Padrone asked us to scout about.  So Lance
and I moved about.  It was really nice moving about in the
early morning.  It was cool, with a touch of mist that had
not burned off yet.  We couldn't find any troops.

	I wanted to see what was on that ridge that 
overlooks the pallisade so Lance and I hiked up there.  I
found someone had killed three goblins and hid their bodies
up in a tree.  I could see that Lance was hoping it was Chroe, 
but I doubt it.  Chroe was never that subtle.

	We climbed up the cliff and looked over the
ridge.  It was about what I expected except some wizard
had a big tent.  We were spotted so we killed a bunch
of orks and goblins and burnt the tent.  They called up
the better part of a century so we jumped off the cliff and
into a tree which is where my leg and ankle got ripped up.

	While they were climbing down, we limped 
off and got away.  Then the getting lost spell mixed us
up and we spent the early part of the afternoon walking
all over.  I was getting pretty hot and sore.  We kept 
finding fort and going in and out of that magic line.
None of my enchanted items busted tho.

	We got lost again, then Lance saw the flag pole
and we came out into the clearing by that swamp.  We  were
south of the fort and I figured that we were north, so 
Galendaar seems to be right about there being a getting
lost spell around here.

	My foot is really sore so I'm suppost to keep 
off it.  My current duty is to get some rest and then take
a watch from the fort tonight.  I'll grab a nap now.

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