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(TFT) The heros return

	It is 3 hours after noon when Greff and Lance show up near the
swamp.  Greff is limping and Lance is supporting his weight.  With a 
happy shout Lance is greeted by the peasants & Rarrempt.  Everyone 
gives them a smile and a wave, but the Padrone keeps people at the
work.  But soon the story circulates to everyone.

	They had gone out to explore, and nearly stumbled into some
more traps (pits with pungie sticks). They surprised some goblins laying
more traps and after a short chase put them to the sword.  Lance wanted
to pull back but Greff wanted to get a feel for the lay of the land so they
pushed on.

	A cluster of goblin archers tried to ambush the two, but Greff
noticed them.  Lance used his speed item to get behind them while
Greff charged.  Six dead goblins later the two had each picked up a
minor wound or two.  Lance had got a poisoned cut (the filthy animals)
but the two washed it out and pressed on.

	There are almost no goblins in the area, a few scouts seem to 
be keeping us under observation and a bunch more laying traps and dead
falls.  A path had been trampled in the hills to the north.  A force of
at least 50 goblins with 5 or 10 orks came down from the hills and 
headed west based on the tracks.

	To the north Greff noticed a body in a tree.  It turns out that
some one had killed 3 goblins and hauled their bodies out of sight in 
a big oak.  This was in the hills, right near that ridge line that over
looks the fort.

	The two climbed up a small cliff, and took a look at the ridge.
An observation post was set up there, along with a pavillion out of 
site on the other side of the hill.  Some careful spying showed the 
tent was a wizard's tent (or at least there were two apprentices and
a pile of magical junk in it).  A group of 20 goblins backed up with
plains trolls, spotted them and attacked.  Drums started calling for 
reenforcements.  The two killed the apprentises, and tipped the tent
over on to a fire.  Some of the goblins were trying to put it out when
we last saw it.  More than 100 goblins, orks and trolls were chasing
after the two and trapped them against a sheer cliff.  But they escaped 
by jumping off the cliff and landing on a tree. (This is where Greff 
got his ankle twisted around).

	Anyway they walked back, killing a couple more goblins
and then got lost practicly in sight of the fort.  They ended up in a 
valley out east. (That is why they are so late...)  They got lost a 
second time but then Lance did some scouting a saw the flag pole.  
Even so they ended up near the swamp instead of coming in from the 
north.  They cross the magical rune line at least 8 times today.

	Any way, all indications are that the enemy forces are 
out west.  Nothing but light units around the fort.

	Greff's foot is badly sprained.  It is splinted and he is 
told to keep his weight off of it for at least two days or until the 
attack, which ever comes first.

	Rarrempt k' Chollen says that the post holes for the
bridge foundations can wait.  Even if the river rises it just makes it
a little harder to get workers onto the rock.

	Pak does not have the ability to break the Vitiation spell
that is cast on his wound.  He has made a list of plants that he 
intends to make into a poultise for the enchanted wound.  The thing
is he would like to have a few people to carry him around to try to
find them since they are rare and hard to describe.  The Padrone 
was unwilling to risk more people, but now that Greff and Lance
have survived, he may rethink his plan.

	Pak looks pretty ragged but seems cheerful enough. When
asked if the workers could work full days and keep a watch at night
he didn't answer right away.  Then he talked to a bunch of them and
said that they could.  (What an idiot.)

	nem' Korram is in a cheerful mood. Whistling he tells any
one willing to listen about other heroic last stands where small groups
die to the last man.  Strangely this seems to cheer people up and
soon everyone is laughing and joking.  The peasants are working 
like dogs trying to get the special plants Pak picked for the fires and
preparing brush for the fire pits.

	The w' Tallom brothers are as drunk as Priests and are
singing an old bar song with pretty good harmony.  They whip the
peasants to keep them moving, but it is basically a friendly lashing 
since it does not raise blood.  They also seem to be keeping a fair 
watch over their area of the perimeter.

	It look like you won't die before tonight!

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