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(TFT) Re: TFT: Wizardry Talent

Well, I've had a night to sleep on it now and have decided to backtrack
on my earlier thoughts of having Heroes take Warrior talent to learn combat
talents at normal cost and Wizards taking Wizardry to learn spells at
(too much tinkering without playtesting but I will try it out and get back
to you
on how the players liked it)
I still intend to go full speed ahead with my plans to seperate talents into
lists (misc/combat/magic) for the purposes of cost to heroes and Wizards.

Short notes on this:
- Most talents are miscellaneous and should be normal cost for anyone.
There is no reason whatsoever for an intelligent Wizard to have to pay 2x
cost to learn assess value compared to a (generally) dumber Hero.
- There are also a LOT of combat talents besides weapons skills and they
(like tactics & strategy) should be in the combat list and cost Wizard's 2x
- Alchemy should be a magic talent at normal cost for Wizards (ITL already
states it's same cost for both anyways) or at worst in the miscellaneous
- "Wizardry", or "Mana Reserve", or "some advanced mage talent like warrior
and veteran" should be available to speed up the Wizard's fatigue recovery.
I think I'll go this route with the talent:

IQ-10 Wizardry (2)
according to Advanced Wizard p39, fatigue is recovered at the rate of
1 pt fatigue per 15 minutes quiet rest. The wizardry talent goes one better
in that the wizard is so attuned to magic and it's casting and recovery that
they can recover their lost fatigue at 1/2 rate even while travelling or
some form of light work. (like setting up camp) Does not apply to any
combat situation and wizard has to make an hourly  3die save vs. current ST
gain his faster fatigue recovery if wounded.
(alternately, maybe I shuld just call this "Stamina" and let Heroes buy it

IQ-10 Mana Reserve(2)
this is very similiar to Rick's use of subscripts for attributes and this
should NOT be used if subscripts are used in the game!
- this talent allows the wizard thru intense training and practise to gather
"store" a small reserve of power within themselves for spellcasting. The
may store an additional small pocket of mana(fatigue) equal to 1/4 their
strength.(rounded up for 2/4 and better fractions.)
ex/ St-8 stores 2, St-12 stores 3, St-13 stores 3(3 + 1/4 rounds down),
St-14 stores 4( 3 + 2/4 or 1/2 and the 1/2 rounds up)
The attribute would be recorded as ST-12 (+3) the same as currently done
for attribute subscripts but the reserve would increase slowly and naturally
as the character's "true" ST increases.

Either of these talents, if bought, will allow a wizard to use his power
more effectively
through storing and faster recovery of mana(fatigue). The trade-off is that
2-4 points on these talents will put a big bite on a starting mage's spell
making them more effective with what they have, but making them less
overall by reducing their total number of available spells.

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