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(TFT) Disbelieving Images

On 19 Aug, Rick writes

>  1: 1h-illusion
>  I always (as GM) found this spell to be quite powerful. Any comments ?

	Absolutely.   I have a bunch of rules that split Illusions into
the Basic Wizard style Illusions and ones more like those described in
Advanced Wizard.  The new version of the AW Illusions are called
Phantasmals and the thing with them is that if they are disbelived then
all damage they have done is disbelived as well.  A bunch more rules
make them playable and logical.

This reminds me that I had a question on Images. I read and reread the rules about disbelieving Illusions: If you make your IQ roll they disappear. If you stab an Illusion it takes damage. I read about Images: If you stab an Image it dissappears. Can you disbelieve an Image? If you cannot disbelieve an image, does that make it more powerful than an Illusion? If an ant crawls onto an Image, does it disappear?

How about an Illusion aid spell that if one person disbelieves the Illusion it only disappears for him and not for anyone else. Now his friends will think he's psychotic if no one else disbelieves.

By the way, how have others handled the paradox of falling thru an Illusion of a bridge, but not being able to disbelieve it?

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