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Re: (TFT) Re: Wizardry Talent

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From: stan rydzewski <srydzews@ix.netcom.com>

>Mack Brewer wrote:
>> "Heroes" MUST buy the Warrior talent in order to learn combat talents
>> at normal cost. We remove the ST preq on it entirely and it still
>> stops it's regular 1 pt from all attacks.
>> "Wizards" MUST buy the Wizardry talent in order to cast and learn
>> spells at normal cost and in order to eventually qualify for magical
>> research of any kind.
>Strongly implied in all this, but never quite stated (or perhaps I
>missed it) seems to be the notion that you can't buy both of these
>talents.  Is that correct?

That would be correct.
During initial character generation you decide (as always) whether or not
you're going to play a warrior or a wizard. Then if you decide on being a
warrior you MUST take the warrior talent and CANNOT take the Wizard
talent, therefore paying 2pts per spell "memorized" but not really

If you decide on being a Wizard, you MUST take the Wizardry talent allowing
you to buy spells normally and conduct magical research and item creation.
You may still learn talents but may NOT learn either the Warrior or Veteran
talents.  Your prime focus is still spells and don't have the time to devote
much practise to honing your combat reflexes and toughening yourself up
to shrug off the force of some blows like a devoted warrior does.

Mind you, I don't think this will work unless we do divide up all the
talents into
the three groups and define them as to whether they are:
Misc talents (same base cost to everyone; ex/ literacy,Thief,assess value)
Combat talents(normal cost for warriors, double for wizards; ex/ tactics)
Magic Talents(normal cost for wizards, double for warriors; ex/ Alchemy)

Let me know what you guys think of this system, okay?


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