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Re: (TFT) Re: Wizardry Talent

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>>>>>>Do I detect a "faint" tone of sarcasm?

It's possible - but please don't take any offense! It's only email!

>>>>>>But if wizards are the very intelligent characters they are supposed
to be
>>>>>>why should they be paying 2x a "dumb" fighter's cost to learn
non-combat related
>>>>>>talents?  They shouldn't be!  I agree that they should be penalized
by x2
>>>>>>costs to learn any COMBAT talents which is the Hero's area of
expertise, but
>>>>>>there's no way they should ever be paying x2 for basic talents like:
>>>>>>running, boating, charisma, recognize value, mundane talents, assess
>>>>>>just to name a few.

Of course they should! You dont learn to shoot lighting from your
fingertips the same way you learn fly-fishing! A wizard can't just say,
"Whew! Well, I've studied my spell books for today, I  think I'll go for a
jog!". If you  spend your time learning the intricacies of magic,
unraveling the very mysteries that bind the universe together, your not
going to have time to do 10 miles a day!

Charisma? When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you! Do you
really think your going to be able to study how to create mystical portals
of blackest shadow, but to the locals down at the pub your just a "regular

(again, slight note of sarcasm - but all in fun!) :}

All of those few take time to learn and require MUCH more dedication than
your 'normal' talents. So to me, this rule says "Okay, you can be the most
powerful character in the game - but only for this one thing, and only if
you dedicate your life to it." For something as powerful as magic, this
makes realistic sense to me. It's also good game balance. IMHO.

>>>>>>I mean, really, a wizard can learn better, more powerful spells as he
>>>>>>but a warrior can't learn how to swing a weapon better or do more
>>>>>>with it
>>>>>>after years of practise? 

Sure he can! You just have to use Rick's *other* rules for increased
weapons talent! See also Ronald Pehr's "Superheroes in TFT" article on Ty's
website for how to increase normal talents.

>>>>>>Keep the comments and discussion running, guys and gals. <grin>
>>>>>>Lots of good ideas and suggestions are flowing.

This is why I like this list best!!

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