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Re: (TFT) Re: Wizardry Talent

>Let me know what you guys think of this system, okay?
>Why not further divide the talents into Theif talents and Bard talents. And
>then take the Illusionists talents and seperate them from the other spells.
>Sounds like D&D.

Do I detect a "faint" tone of sarcasm?

Sounds nothing like D&D at all as in D&D you can't buy ANY talents or
and have pre-set limits for all your fixed i stone classes. They let you
take a few token
secondary skills now but that's it.

TFT clearly draws a line between Heroes and Wizards right at the very start
of character generation. Heroes pay x3 for all spells, Wizards x2 for all
But if wizards are the very intelligent characters they are supposed to be
should they be paying 2x a "dumb" fighter's cost to learn non-combat related
talents?  They shouldn't be!  I agree that they should be penalized by x2
to learn any COMBAT talents which is the Hero's area of expertise, but
no way they should ever be paying x2 for basic talents like:
running, boating, charisma, recognize value, mundane talents, assess value
just to
name a few.
That's why it makes sense (IMHO) to group the talents into three lists of:
Misc(anyone can learn at normal cost),
Combat(Heroes learn normal cost, Wizards pay 2x to learn)
Wizardry(Wizards pay normal cost, Heroes pay 2x to learn)
or just the first two and skip a seperate listing for Wizard's talents as
are so few in number.

Even just adding one list of miscellaneous talents at normal cost to
would work out a lot better than the way it is now. We all know that some of
talents are over-priced for their affects and many people have gone to
cheap attribute "subscripts" to the game in order to let the characters know
more spells and talents because they felt they were too restricted or the
ones were too expensive.
I think the simplest change that could improve things without affecting any
rolls or rules, would be make a list of "cheaper" misc talents at normal
cost for
everyone and then leave all the other talents alone.(at 2x cost for wizards)

That's the beauty of collecting and posting all these "House rules" to the
list and
by Ty at his webpage, we get to see other people's ideas and discuss some
modifications or "fixes" to the system.  I'm going to try out Rick's ideas
attribute subscripts in my new campaign to see how I like them but I'm also
still working on overhauling the talents by moving all the misc.(non combat)
talents to a cheap for all common list. I also hate the weapons talents as
stand and have added both advanced and master versions of these talents to
my own campaigns giving warriors who devote more study into a weapon to
gain bonuses to hit and damage with them.
I mean, really, a wizard can learn better, more powerful spells as he
but a warrior can't learn how to swing a weapon better or do more damage
with it
after years of practise? That's why I added the advanced weapon forms like:
IQ-7 Sword(2)
IQ-10 Advanced Sword(2) +1 Dx and +1 Dmg with sword, preq Sword
IQ-13 Master Sword(2) +2 Dx and +2 Dmg with sword, preq Adv Sword

and a lot of us are already using the expanded weapons and armor tables off
Ty's webpage as well, just because we like them better than the few choices
the basic TFT rules.

Keep the comments and discussion running, guys and gals. <grin>
Lots of good ideas and suggestions are flowing.


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