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(TFT) On advantages

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This is just a player friendly rule.  Also some people in life are just
with advantages (or disadvantages)be it physically, mentally, economically,
etc.  that cannot be created in TFT without having more than a starting 32
point character.

Yours in Cidri,

I'm having a hard time imaging any examples of that? 

First, who is born with greater than ST 16 or IQ 16? (physically and
mentally). Second, you don't pay for your economic status. 

That's a product of the roleplayers background story, which the GM either
allows or doesn't allow. (Personally, I make high wealth or status a -2
Reputation Handicap -- it has its advantages certainly, but it's also great
place for the GM to cause adventures and a sign to others making the person
a victim of all sorts of attempts to extort).

What innate "advantage" can't be done with a TFT Talent?

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