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(TFT) Re: Greff's Journal

    Padrone Gibeah is greatly cheered by the news that Greff and Lance bring 
on their return.  The fact that they returned at all is enough to bring a 
momentary smile to his face.  But there is still a lot to do if he is to keep 
his team alive until reinforcements arrive.
    Taking some time to talk with Greff and Lance as they rest, Ben decides 
that if the enemy is taking time to make traps, basically laying seige to his 
fort, then they are not likely to attck for at least two days.  "They expect 
us to make a run for it."  he tells Greff and Lance.  "Well Lance here," he 
continues, laying a proud hand on Lance's shoulder, "has gone out there 
twice, and helped kill dozens of goblins.  They are starting to fear us.  
That gives us an advantage."  Then Padrone chuckles a bit.  "Burned a wizards 
tent and killed his apprentises.  I am putting you two up for commendation 
when we get back.  Good job men!"  Padrone Gibeah is very proud of his Thon, 
which is, in his opinion, the finest Thon in the Thorsz service.
    Leaving Greff and Lance to rest, Padrone Gibeah finds Pak.
    Pak, this may be a good time to gather your plants.  Our heroic scouts 
report no serious enemy activity close by.  And Lance can use a poltice to 
deal with his wound as well.  Get Rarri to help you rig a litter, and make 
sure it can handle a fast ride while keeping you safely on it.  I'll take you 
around for a bit and find your plants, if we can.
    Padrone finds Galendaar, and puts him in charge of the palisade when he 
and Pak are ready to leave, and sets 'lm in charge of the peasants.  Then 
Padrone, taking Merrick with them for tactical support, JIC, heads off to 
look for the plants Pak needs, pulling Pak behind him on a litter.  Padrone 
reviews the teams hand signals, reminds Merrick to stay extra alert for 
traps, and sends Merrick out a little ahead of himself and Pak.  Ben knows 
that he is noisier than usual while dragging a litter behind him, and wants a 
quiet scout to help keep them from being surprised.  He moves slowly, letting 
Pak look for plants, and probes each likely spot with the staff/stick that he 
picked up as they left camp.  "Forest, swamp, or what?" he asks Pak.  "Which 
way do we go?"
    Keeping his mind on his search for plants, traps, and enemy 
scouts/troops, makes for a pleasant change of pace for Padrone Gibeah.  But a 
small part of his mind continues to imagine the results of tomorrow's planned 
defense work.
    Dig a ditch around the palisade, half a meter deep.  (Make sure that the 
workers don't cover over or step into the traps right at the wall of the 
palisade!  He silently reminds himself.)  Throw the dirt up on the side 
closer to the palisade, making it harder to jump, and easier to slip back 
into the ditch if the jump is short, or not high enough.  Fill the ditch with 
brush, tinder, and wood.  Rebuild the watch-fires.  One day's work.  If that 
goes well, a one die arbalist inside of the dirt piled beside the ditch, 
should take only one day if everyone works on it.  Lots of sharp sticks, 
pointing out, protected from fire in the ditch by the dirt.  For a moment he 
smiles.  Once his team and the workmen (He finds it hard to think of them as 
"sheep" anymore.  Not when his Thon's survival depends on their work.) have 
completed the defences, he hopes the goblins attack.  We'll make them pay!  
he swears.
    But now the task is simple, poke with the staff, take a step or three, 
poke with the staff, scan the area, remember to look up, take a few more 
steps.  The safe search for healing herbs while scanning the area occupies 
almost all of his attention.  There's Merrick, scouting ahead.  What a team!
    Padrone Gibeah hopes that he proves worthy of the command he has been 
given.  The finest Thon in the kingdom.
    And what of the dead goblins that Greff and Lance found?  Reinforcements? 
 Some of the Thorsz scouts?  Or just a survivor or three from one of the 
other forts?
        Still hoping for a few troopers or a mage as reinforcements,
Padrone "Sureshot" Gibeah
Rome did not create a great empire by having meetings, 
they did it by killing all those who opposed them.
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