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Re: (TFT) PBeM going on ??

>  Is there any tft pbem campigns going on with room for another swanky 
>  swede ?

	Hi Patrik,  I am very sorry but I don't have room in my 
campaign right now.  I'm sorry that other people got your hopes up
before I had time to write.
>  Queries:
>  1: 1h-illusion
>  I always (as GM) found this spell to be quite powerful. Any comments ?

	Absolutely.   I have a bunch of rules that split Illusions into
the Basic Wizard style Illusions and ones more like those described in
Advanced Wizard.  The new version of the AW Illusions are called
Phantasmals and the thing with them is that if they are disbelived then
all damage they have done is disbelived as well.  A bunch more rules
make them playable and logical.

	If you would like  a copy of these rules, you must show
that you own Advanced Wizard (it is not violating copywrite for me to
use and rewrite TFT rules if we both own them, since that falls under
fair use).

	What is the First word in the 8th line in the First Paragraph 
on Page 7 of Advanced Wizard?

>  2: exp
>  Is there any (pseudo-)official new experience rule floating around ? I 
>  never liked part of the original rules (at least not the version I 
>  manage to remember) especially the "killing blow part".
>  cheers, patrik

	Not really.  In my campaign I give out less EP for fights
and 'killing blows', but I do give out EP for wounds taken (honorable
battle damage to avoid self inflicted wounds, etc.)  5 EP per point of
damage works well, since those in the thick of it (or at least those 
most at risk) tend to get more EP.

	Nice hearing from you.


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