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(TFT) TFT: Ambidextrous

Patrik writes . . .

>  1: 1h-illusion
>  I always (as GM) found this spell to be quite powerful. Any comments ?

   Yes, this is a powerful spell.  Every single TFT wizard I have ever
created has taken the most powerful illusion spell that his IQ would allow.
An illusion of a giant octopus with three bastard swords is a death-dealing
fighting machine, or a lesser demon is even better if you want to risk a
real one ruining your whole day.  8^)
   However there are countermeasures against Illusions.  I'm pretty ruthless
about having NPCs roll for disbelieving player-created illusions . . .  a
3-die IQ roll to figure out that it might be an illusion and to consider
taking the disbelieve option.  My NPC wizards /always/ assume that anything
the players create might be an illusion, and in most cases they /know/
whether or not it's an illusion if the PC is within 3 hexes when they cast
it.  I also make sure animals always get their free disbelieve roll when
illusions appear.  Then there's the Dispel Illusions spell as well, but I've
never seen any PC use it . . .  probably because most PC wizards themselves
depend on illusions so much.
   Then again, my NPCs are wary of illusions, so the players have thrown a
summoned creature out there every now and then to keep me and the bad guys

>  2: exp
>  Is there any (pseudo-)official new experience rule floating around ? I
>  never liked part of the original rules (at least not the version I
>  manage to remember) especially the "killing blow part".

   Yes, I think I posted an "improved" experience table some time ago, which
I use for my own games.  It should be in the archives.
   I personally like the killing blow rule.  I also make sure to give people
experience for any successful die rolls of 4 dice or better, for real time
spent playing, and for good role-playing and heroics.

Stan writes . . .

>By this philosphy, though, shouldn't most of these talent(advantages)
>have an IQ cost of seven?  You don't have to be smart to have good
>hearing, after all (viz: dogs).

   Yeah, good point.  Take 10 xp for noticing it.  8^)
   Mmmm . . .  interesting reality dilemma.  Some of the advantage-type
talents seem to defy reality.  Sounds like a good question for Steve.

   Here's another spell I cooked up.  The spell assumes the use of the
Wounds and Fatigue optional rule previously posted here (or just ask and
I'll resend it).

MANA SHIELD (S): This spell sets up an invisible protective
   shield around the wizard, outside of any armor, shield, or
   anything else that stops hits from attacks.  Whenever hit by
   such an attack the wizard takes the damage as /fatigue
   loss/ instead of wounds.  This fatigue can come from any-
   where he chooses . . .  usually from personal fatigue or a
   strength battery.  Whatever the source, the fatigue must
   come from the wizard or a magic item on his person.  All
   attacks /must/ drain fatigue ? the wizard has no choice in
   the matter as long as the shield is working.
      A mana shield last indefinitely until the wizard wills it
   away, when he sleeps or dies, is dispelled with Remove
   Thrown Spell, or when the wizard?s fatigue drops to only
   one point left.  At this point the shield disappears and the
   wizard starts taking damage normally again.
      It?s possible for the wizard to take a combination of both
   fatigue and wounding damage from the same large attack.
   Fatigue is lost first, then the shield goes down, then armor
   and shield protect normally, then any other magical protec-
   tion (such as Stone Flesh) protects as well.  Any remaining
   damage is taken as wounds.
      Example: In the middle of a fight Frobozz is protected by
   a mana shield, is wearing leather armor, and has 5 fatigue
   left.  He gets struck by a swordsman, who rolls a 9 for
   damage.  4 points of that are taken as fatigue damage,
   leaving Frobozz with 1 fatigue point left, and the shield
   goes down.  5 hits are left, so leather armor stops 2 hits
   and Frobozz takes the remaining 3 hits as wounding.
      This is a good defensive spell for any wizard who goes
   in harm?s way, especially in a surprise attack situation.
   The main drawback is that every other spell that the wizard
   casts makes his shield that much weaker.  On the other
   hand one or two good attacks on a wizard with a mana
   shield up will leave him with hardly any strength left for
   offensive spellcasting, but that?s certainly better than being
   dead!  Cost: 3 ST.

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Design Bureau   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760
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