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Re: (TFT) TFT: Ambidextrous

Dave Seagraves wrote:
> You /could/ have Advantages that are discrete entities from Talents, 
> but this goes against another apparent TFT convention: Talents cover 
> both "advantages" (such as Acute Hearing) and "skills" (like 
> Physicker).  This is why I suggested that Ambidextrous be IQ 7 -- to 
> cover both those who were born with it and those who learned it. 

By this philosphy, though, shouldn't most of these talent(advantages)
have an IQ cost of seven?  You don't have to be smart to have good
hearing, after all (viz: dogs).  

And if you *do* have a high IQ, it really does make it easier to learn
things such as how to swing left-handed, or remain somewhat alert at
all times (to "learn" acute hearing).  My suggestion is to list all 
the talent(advantages) and then allow them to be bought by *beginning* 
characters regardless of their required IQ level.  If a character wants
to learn a talent during the campaign, he has to have the normal
required IQ.

One could even have an IQ cost that varies depending on whether or
not the talent is bought as an "advantage" or a "skill".  This would
help in the case of advantages that are extremely hard to learn if
you're not born with them.

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