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(TFT) TFT: Ambidextrous

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>>>>>> I'd prefer /not/ to see a new class
>>>>>>of abilities called Advantages.  Make 'em Talents instead, and write
'em up
>>>>>>that way.

I couldn't agree more! What possible difference does it make.....

The "IQ Level" is simply an artificial restriction. It's the equivalent of
D&D "levels". All it really represents is how powerful you want to allow
begining characters to be....

>>>>>>>MAGICAL APTITUDE.    A character with this advantage gains a +1 DX
>>>>>>>when using magic (spells and the like).  The character also gains
the spell
>>>>>>>"detect magic" (IQ8) for free.

My main objection to this talent is that it's easier to do through "adjIQ"
(see other posts). 

>>>>>>First, let's say that Heroes cannot have spells . . .  not even for 3
>>>>>>points each.  

Let's not say that! This is a pretty fair cost for this ability and certain
heroes (Grey Mouser) can't really be done without this option....

>>>>>>   So the question is: If a Wizard were simply a Hero with the
>>>>>>talent, how many IQ points would that talent cost?

I do like this idea - it would be nice to get rid of the 'classness' of
Wizards. But the best answer I can come up with is to make it an
"Enchancement" super power costing 12 attribute points. 

>>>>>>   This is a game balance question more than anything.  If the cost
is too
>>>>>>high then hardly anyone would play a Wizard, and those who did
wouldn't have
>>>>>>many IQ points left for actual spells.  

To have wizards be rare is not a terribly bad thing, but it would be hard
to sell players on it...

>>>>>>   I /think/ I may already know the right answer to this possible
>>>>>>rule, but I don't want to contaminate anyone's answers so I'll post
>>>>>>answer later.

I can't wait to see what you've come up with! What do you think of
"Wizardry" as a super power?

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