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Re: (TFT) New on list

Welcome Patrik

I'd like to know how TFT managed to get to Scandinavia. How did you first pick up on it? Was having an English language rulebook much of a problem with the other players? What were the game stores in Europe stocked with then and what are they stocked with now?

I think its great that we have some non-english speaking countries represented. (I can tell that you read and type in English, did you learn this in the Swedish school system or are you an import from Great Britain or Ireland?)

From: Patrik.Ohagen@eu.pnu.com (Patrik Ohagen)
Reply-To: tft@brainiac.com
Subject: (TFT) New on list


I just joined the list. Wow, I really hope to see some nice postings on my All time fave RPG system.

  Some slightly boring parameters:

  Patrik, male, 34, Sweden, proud owner of quite a few tft-related
  products, fave 32p tft character.....dunno....maybe Fafner (a
  13st/11dx/8iq) PC who managed to gather enough exp to survive to
  become a 38pt-guy in my FAR-far to deadly campaign which took
  place in a few time warps ago. Betamax was still in use.....

  Cheers, Patrik

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