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(TFT) Re: TFT: Spell Immunity Article

	Hi Dave, everyone,

	There is no new "Thrown Spell Shield" Spell.  (Spell Shield
is so cheap has a low enough IQ that most of my wizards just get that
if they want it.)

	Here are some new LMIC enchantments.  I think I have cut
out all of the origional TFT magic items so I'm not violating copywrite
but if I've missed one, please quietly delete it.

	You may find that my items are expensive compared to the
regular TFT items.  This is because I've made MOST items more 
expensive.  The reason for this is that I feel that TFT has too much 
emphisis on magic items.  I want my heros to be tough because they
are great fighters, rather than because they have the +17 sword of


>   Very interesting article about reduced costs for spell immunities.  The
>article mentions an enchantment called Thrown Spell Shield.  How does one
>make an item with this, and how much does it cost?  Based on a new spell?
>Dave Seagraves

More Magic Items in TFT.
	Copywrite (1999) by Rick Smith

	(I don't mind people sharing this stuff, but if anyone
eventually makes money off it, I want to be paid for my work.)

Lesser Magic Item Creation (continued)
Magic Item	Price	Notes	Weeks	fST/	Ingredients	
		($)		to make	day	$/wk	  Notes

Defensive Items:
Haze		  1,250	B	  2	  50	  125	   -1 fST / turn
Leather Flesh	  2,000	B	  3	125	    16	   -1 fST / turn
Acid Proofing	     300	B	1/5	  15	  255	   -1 fST / turn
Frost Proofing	     350	B	1/5	  50	  210	   -1 fST / turn
Missile Shield	  4,700	B	  4	150	  475	   -1 fST / turn
Missile Wall	  6,300	B	  5	225	  410	   -1 fST / turn
Hiding		  4,000	B	  7	  75	    21	   -1 fST / turn

Immunity items:
Individual Spell 	  varies	B	1/5	  25  	varies	   -1 fST / turn
Scry Shield	  1,850	B	  2	225	    75	   -1 fST / turn	
Missile Spell Shield	  3,300	B	  4	  50	  325	   -1 fST / turn
Thrown Spell Shield  6,200	B	  7	  75	  336	   -1 fST / turn

Sensory Items:
Dark Vision	  1,700	B	  1	350	  600	   -1 fST / turn	
Shadow Sight	  2,000	A,B	  3	125	    17	   -1 fST / turn
Scry Warning	  2,075	B	  2	125	  388	   Self powering

Movement Items:
Haste (+1 to +3 MA) 4,700	B	  7	  25	  221	   -1 fST / turn
Trackless		  6,000	B	  7	100	  257	   -1 fST / turn
Jump		  2,500	B	  4	    5	  175	   -1 fST / turn
Free Fall		  1,500	B	  2	  25	  300	   -1 fST / turn
Walk on Water	  3,650	B	  5	  75	  180	   -1 fST / turn	
Fast Travel	  2,850	B	  4	125	  313	   5 fST to activate.
Rainbow Bridge	  4,000		  3	150	  633	   8 fST to activate.

Offensive Items:
Weapon Charge:		
  +1 damage	     143		1/5	  25	  265	   1st strike that day only
  +2 damage	     216		2/5	  50	    40	   1st strike that day only
  +4 damage	     600		  1	  75	    50	   1st strike that day only	  
  +6 damage	  1,200		  2	100	  225	   1st strike that day only

Stunning Weapon:
  victim at -1 DX	     500		  1	  15	    50
  victim at -2 DX	  2,000		  2	  75	  450
  victim at -3 DX	  4,500		  3	175	  750
  victim at -4 DX	  8,000		  6	375	  183
  victim at -5 DX	12,500	D	12	125	  391  
Weapon of Vitiation	  4,300		  7	  50	  114	
Winged Weapon (+1) 1,750	A	  2	  50	  375	   Reduces range by 8 hexes.		
Returning Weapon	  3,450	C10	  2	350	  625	   Weapon flies back to owner.		
Simple Spirit Bottle	  7,200	A	  5	175	  690	   3 fST to activate for 1 min.
Blast		40,000	E	18	575	  672	   5 fST to activate.

Cursed Items:
Can't Remove	  3,550	const	  6	  50	    92	  Self powering
Mage Gyves	  4,075	B	  6	  50	  129	  Self powering	 
  Full (+/-1 to all rolls) 3,500	B	  4	  25	  425	  Self powering
  To Hit Only	  2,050	B	  2	250	  125	  Self powering
  Damage Only	     510	B	  1	  15	    60	  Self powering
Sneezing Fits Curse	     700	B	  1	  50 	  200	  Self powering
Cursing Curse	     855	B	  1	  25	  405	  Self powering
Tittering Curse	     933	B	  1	  75	  383	  Self powering
Bleeding Curse	  2,350	B	  4	  50	    88	  Self powering
Coward's Curse	  4,300	B	  6	150	    17	  Self powering

Break Armor	  7,125	B	  8	175	  141

Lesser Magic Item Creation (continued)
Magic Item	Price	     Notes	Weeks		fST/	Ingredients	
		($)		to make	day	$/wk	  Notes

Thief Items: 
Enchanted Lock Picks
	-1 die	     500	  	  1	  25	    50	  1 fST / use
	-2 dice	  3,250	  	  3	  75	  533	  2 fST / use
	-3 dice	50,000	  	12	625        1,317	  3 fST / use

Mage's Lock Breaker     700		  1	100	  100	  3 fST / use
Mage's Lock Wedge  3,750	 	  3	275	  301	  3 fST / use

Thieves' Gloves & Boots
		     600		  1	  75	    48	  1 fST / turn	 
Ward Warning	  5,400	 	  7	  75	  221	  Self powering	  
Ring of Scentless	  1,175	B	  2	  50	    88	  Self powering

Security Items: 
Siren Pedestal	  3,900	B  	  4	125	  324	  Self powering

Lesser Magic Item Creation (continued)
Magic Item		Price	     Notes	Weeks	fST/	Ingredients	
			($)		to make	day	$/wk	  Notes

Weapon and Equipment Charms:  Weapon Will NOT:
Drop	(1/6)	     300	A 	3/5	  25	    50	  Self powering
Break	(1/6)	     700	A	  1	  50	  200	  Self powering
Drop or Break (1/6)	  2,600	A	  3	  75	  317	  Self powering
Untie		     258		2/5	100	    45	  Self powering	  
Slip		     655	 	  1	  75	  105	  Self powering	  
Decay		     500		  1	  50	      0	  Self powering 

Defensive Magic Items:

HAZE: Item subtracts 2 from DX of any attack against its wearer. Only one Haze
or Blur item (or spell) may affect any one figure at a time. User must pay 1 fST 
per turn.

LEATHER FLESH: Subtracts 2 hits from any damage the user receives. Only one 
Flesh item (or spell) can be worn at a time. User must pay 1 fST per turn.

ACID PROOFING: Item makes wearer and all he carries immune to acid for 1 fST 
per turn.

FROST PROOFING: Item makes wearer and all he carries immune to frost bite 
and sudden cold based attacks for 1 fST per turn.  It does not help against 

MISSILE SHIELD: Item puts this spell on wearer for 1 ST per turn power is 

MISSILE WALL: Item puts this spell on wearer for 1 ST per turn power is 

HIDING: Helps the user hide.  If the user is moving it make that user 1 die harder 
to notice. If the user is still he or she is 2 dice harder to notice.  If the user is 
behind cover or in deep shadow, then he or she is 3 dice harder to notice.  User 
must pay 1 fST per turn to operate this item.

Immunity Items:
INDIVIDUAL SPELL:  Any spell that may be cast on the user may be countered 
(except environmental magics which affect areas).  Any number of immunity spells 
may be enchanted into the same slot of an item for the Rule of 5. (They are assumed 
to be a subset of the Spell Shield enchantment.  See essay on Immunity Items in the 
file: "Item Descriptions".

MISSILE SPELL SHIELD:  This makes the user completely immune to missile 
spells for 1 fST per turn.

THROWN SPELL SHIELD:  This make the user completely immune to thrown 
spells for 1 fST per turn.

SCRY SHIELD: Item makes wearer and all he carries much harder to magical spy 
upon for 1 fST per turn.  Attempts to spy upon that character must roll 3 extra dice.

Sensory Items:
SHADOW SIGHT: Give the user a limited form of the Mage Sight spell.  The user 
can see thru shadow hexes.  The second level of this spell allows the user to see 
thru shadows and in total darkness.  Cost is 1 fST per turn.

SCRY WARNING: This self powering item will let the user know if the user is 
ever magically spied upon.  Unfortunately it often gives false warnings.  For 
example, let us say the user is in the city of Bibberreth, and some wizard some 
where wants to know about that city.  The item will set off a warning.  (This is not 
a good item for those who easily become paranoid.)

Movement Items:
HASTE: The Item adds one to its wearer's MA if that person has heavy armor on 
(stops 4 or more hits); it adds two to the user's MA if they are wearing light armor 
(stops from 1 to 3 hits); it adds three to the user's MA if that person is not wearing 
any armor.  Its cost is 1 fST per turn.

TRACKLESS: Item makes user much harder to track.  People who don't have the 
tracking talent can not try to follow the user's tracks and people with tracking must 
roll 3 extra dice to follow. Cost is 1 fST per turn.

JUMP: A limited flight spell allows the user to jump 20 times higher than normal 
(so most people can leap to the tops of 10 m high walls) for 1 fST / turn.

FREE FALL: User will not fall faster than 5 meters per second. This means that the 
user will not take more than 2 hits of damage from any fall. If the user is already 
falling very quickly, it does not slow the fall instantly. The user will gradually 
slow over several turns (no more than 10 turns) until he or she is falling at 5 m/s.  
It costs 1 fST per turn to use this item.

WALK ON WATER:  This prevents you from breaking the surface of water. (On 
rough water and waves you will be tossed about.)  It costs 1 fST / turn.

FAST TRAVEL:  Casts the spell on the user for 5 fST.

RAINBOW BRIDGE:  Will make a bridge that can allow you to cross chasms that 
are 10 meters wide or less.  Costs 8 fST to activate and will last 1 minute.  Only the 
user may cross the bridge.

Offensive Items:

WEAPON CHARGE (+1 to +6):  These items will do +1 to +6 damage the first time 
the weapon is used each day.  The item will recharge at midnight each night.

STUNNING WEAPON (-1 to -5 DX):  This item will give whoever it hits -1 to -5 DX 
each time it hits them even if no damage is done after armor. The negatives will last 
for the remainder of the turn only (so if the victim has already hit you it has no affect). 
 With this weapon people with light weapons may wish to make sweeping blows so 
the item can affect a few people each turn.
	If someone with a light weapon wishes to make a sweeping blow, they 
may do so with the normal rules, but they automatically do no damage (except double 
or triple damage hits do their double or triple damage).  ANY hit is enough for the 
Stunning Weapon item to affect the person struck.

WEAPON OF VITIATION:  Wounds created with this item may not be magically 
healed. This includes healing potions.

WINGED WEAPON:  Thrown weapons go up to 8 hexes before normal range 
modifiers start to be calculated.  Point Blank Range (normally 3 hexes) increases by 
8 hexes as well.  Thrown weapons (when thrown) to do +1 damage.  Each doubling
 of price does an extra +1 damage up to a maximum of +5 damage.

RETURNING WEAPON: A limited telekinesis that will return the weapon to the 
users hand if it is dropped. For times 10 cost, it will work if the item has been 
thrown or fired as a missile.

SIMPLE SPIRIT BOTTLE:  This item is used against insubstantial figures or 
spirits with no physical form.  Wind Elementals are also affected (but their ST is 
doubled if they are in their element) ('Zero ST' or 'proto-' elementals are not 
affected).  Astral Figures are not affected.
	When opened and activated a magical wind will suck the spirit into the 
bottle where it is trapped. A trapped spirit is unable to cast spells or perceive the 
environment outside the bottle.  Any spirit with a 10 ST (use fST if the spirit has 
no regular ST) or less will be sucked in, if the bottle is opened within a Mega hex of 
it. If several spirits are within the bottle's area of effect, the nearest one to the 
opening will be trapped. 
	Note that a Spell Shield DOES not prevent a spirit from being trapped, 
the magical 'wind' is not considered a spell by the spell shield, and no immunity 
item for this effect can be constructed (it is an environmental effect of the local 
	If an insubstantial figure is trapped in the bottle, the insubstantiality 
becomes permanent, and the figure need not maintain that spell while in the bottle.
	The bottle can hold only one spirit at a time, and it can be emptied by 
someone unstoppering it, and not paying the 3 fST to activate it.
	To increase the 'size' of the bottle by 5 ST, double the cost.  Each 
additional 5 ST redoubles the cost.  (So to create a bottle that can trap a spirit with 
a fST of 22, would cost eight times as much as normal to enchant.)  There is no 
theoretical maximum to the size of a Simple Spirit Bottle.
	The item costs 3 fST to activate.  It will work for 1 minute then must 
be reactivated if no spirit has yet been caught. (For 30 times the normal 
construction cost the item will cost no fST to activate.)

	(Note to GM's.  The GMIC item, Spirit Bottle is similar except it has 
a larger range, can trap larger spirits and may trap a wider variety of spirits. The 
Artifact Creation spell can make Djinn Bottles.)

BLAST:  Does 1 die damage to every one in the user's hex and all adjacent hexes 
except the user. May only be used once per turn. Costs 5 fST to activate. (For times
50 the construction cost the item will cost no fST to activate.)

Cursed Items:
See OBNOXIOUS MAGIC ITEMS. Note: All items in this section are self powering.

CAN'T REMOVE: This is the basic enchantment that cursed items have cast on 
them.  When this spell is on the item, it can not be removed or taken off.  It is 
almost impossible to destroy (enough damage to destroy the item will normally 
destroy the limb wearing it).  This item always costs the same regardless of the 
number of enchantments already cast on the item.
	The Can't Remove enchantment can have a built in Limiting Spell cast on 
it that will say that some or all of the enchantments on the item won't activate until 
the limiting condition is met.  So if you are fighting orks, you could make an item 
so that the bad effects of the item won't start unless an ork starts wearing it.  This 
built in Limiting can also turn off some or all of the enchantments on the item. This 
built in Limiting spell can also be activated when certain conditions are met.
	The only way for someone to remove the item intact is amputation of the 
limb wearing the item, a Wish, the Remove Cursed Item spell or the Dissolve 
Enchantment spell (which destroys this enchantment).
	The Can't Remove enchantment is a powerful and flexible way of 
punishing those who try to steal your magic items.

MAGE GYVES:  These are normally steal chains that when a wizard is shackled 
in them, they will prevent the wizard from using magic.

CURSE (Full): Item operates as per Curse spell, with all rolls the victim makes 
being 1 higher if they want to roll low, or one lower if they roll high. 

CURSE (To Hit Only):  A normal curse spell, but only affects To Hit rolls.

CURSE (Damage Only):  A normal curse spell, but only affects Damage rolls.

SNEEZING FITS CURSE:  Several times each hour the victim will go into a 
sneezing fit that lasts for 5 to 10 seconds. This occurs more often during fights, 
during each turn of combat after initiative has been decided (and all spells have 
been maintained) the GM rolls 1 die.  On a 6 a sneezing fit occurs and the victim 
gets no movement or action for that turn.

CURSING CURSE:  Like Tourettes Syndrome, the victim must swear and curse 
in every utterance.  This gives a -3 reaction roll in most situations.

TITTERING CURSE:  The victim will snicker and titter almost all the time. This 
gives a -2 reaction or -4 if you are trying to impress someone.

BLEEDING CURSE:  Any wound that does more than 5 hits is treated as bleeding 
criticals. (A bleeding critical means that every 30 seconds, the person takes one 
extra hit of damage until he is physickered or given a healing potion.)

COWARD'S CURSE:  The victim is unable to stop the physical manifestations of 
fear: chattering teeth, shaking knees, fouling one's self, etc.  The victim can be as 
brave as they wish, but it looks like they are afraid.  This will give a -1 to -5 reaction 
(depending how important it is in the culture to control your fear), and has other 
obvious disadvantages.  Also many people believe that this curse MAKES you 
cowardly, so you always have an excuse...

	The next four items work when the victim first comes into possession 
of them.  If the item stays with the victim, then it will affect the victim once per 
day, normally during combat.

BREAK ARMOR: Item (again, often an arrow) causes the victim's armor to 
degrade. It will stop 2 fewer hits than normal. If this item stays with the victim 
the armor will rot / rust, and generally disintegrate over a couple of days.

Thieves Magic Items:

ENCHANTED LOCK PICKS: With these tools a thief gets a 1, 2 or 3 die bonus 
to picking any lock.  (That is the lock becomes -1, -2 or -3 dice easier to pick.) 
To reduce the fST cost, the better picks may be only partially powered.  If a 
-3 level Magical Lock Picks have only 2 fST put into them they effectively become 
a -2 Lock Pick for that use, if only 1 fST is put into to power them, they are 
effectively a -1 Magical Lock Pick for that use.  
	They may not pick locks that have a Lock spell cast on them.

MAGE'S LOCK BREAKER: This item requires 3 fST to activate and it will try 
to destroy one Lock spell.  When activated, this item rolls 3 dice.  On a 16 or 
higher it is destroyed; on a roll of a 3, up to three Locks are destroyed (if there 
are 3 Lock spells on the lock); on a roll of a 4, up to two Lock spells are destroyed 
(if there are 2 Locks on the lock); on any other result, one Lock spell is destroyed. 

MAGE'S LOCK WEDGE: This item is a set of 7 iron rods that will try to 'wedge'
 open one or more Lock spells allowing the Thief to open the door or lock that is 
Locked shut.  The Lock spell is not destroyed, and by removing the wedge, it 
will 'relock' the door and no one will be able to tell that the Lock spell was 
tampered with.  The thief may go thru the door, and then take the wedge with him.
	To use this item the thief spends 3 fST.  The thief must make a XvsDX 
roll where X is equal to the number of Lock spells +2.  So to wedge open a 4 Lock 
spells requires a 6 vs DX.  If the thief makes the rolls, the rods will hover in space 
about the place where the Lock spell is, and the thief (and anyone else) can open
the door or lock that the Lock spells were holding closed.  If the roll is blown, the
rods will sing (more loudly depending on how badly the roll was blown).  On a 
critical miss or a miss by 10 the rods will scream loudly.
	If the door is held closed with mundane locks, they must be picked 

THIEVES' GLOVES AND BOOTS: These fine leather items all together count as 
one magic item.  If any one is destroyed, then all are destroyed.  They reduce 
any climbing rolls by 3 dice by allowing the user to stick to walls.

WARD WARNING: This item will become warm when it comes within 4 meters 
of a Ward.  Powerful Wards and Wards with modifying spells on them cause the 
item to become warmer (tho never too hot to the touch).  Typically this item is a 
small brass statue of a wizard worn on a chain against the skin.

RING OF SCENTLESS: This item makes the Thief have no smell.  His foot prints 
will leave a very faint smell (as if he had walked over the ground about a week ago) 
so very sensitive tracking animals may be able to track the thieves' path.
Security Items:

SIREN PEDESTAL: This is in the form of a column or pedestal that has a sleeping 
face carved on the front.  If an object is placed on it and it is told to "gaurd" the 
pedestal will wake up and scream, shout insults and descriptions of anyone who 
removes the object.  If the owner of the pedestal tells it to "stop gaurding" it will 
allow the object to be removed quietly.
	By very carefully switching the object with something of the same 
weight the pedestal can be fooled.  This requires a 4vsIQ to estimate the weight of 
the object (if not already known) and a 4vsDX to make the switch without the 
pedestal waking up.

Weapon and Equipment Charms:
WON'T DROP:  This item means that any time the item is about to be 
involuntarily dropped, there is a 1 in 6 chance that it does not drop instead.  For 
twice the cost this can be made a 2 in 6 chance; for 4 times it can be a 3 in 6, etc. 
 The maximum charm is a 5 in 6 chance that it won't drop (for *16 cost.)  This is
rolled by the GM so charms or curses on the player don't affect it.  This is a self 
powering item.

WON'T BREAK:  This item means that any time the item is about to break, it will 
not if a 1 or less is rolled on a die six.  Each doubling of cost increases the chance 
of the charm working by 1/6 to a maximum of 5 in 6 chance of it being safe.

WON'T DROP OR BREAK:  This is the two enchantments above rolled into one 
(so that they only take up one slot for the Rule of Five).

WON'T UNTIE:  This simple charm is cast on shoe laces or straps to prevent 
them from coming loose accidently.

WON'T SLIP:  This is cast on boots or gloves to prevent slipping on slick surfaces.

WON'T DECAY:  This will slow (but not altogether stop) the rotting and decay 
of the item.  Basically the item will last 10 times longer even if no care is taken of it, 
and if properly cared for, it should last indefinitely.

Meta Magic Items:
DISPEL PHANTASMAL: Item dispels all phantasmals within 5 Mh at anytime, 
whether it is worn by someone, thrown, or just left lying around.  The range may 
be increased indefinitely in size, doubling the item's cost after each 1 Mh increase 
in range.

MAINTAIN PHANTASMAL: As above, but for an phantasmal.  A phantasmal 
can not move physical objects.

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