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Re: (TFT) Clerics & Miracles Part I

Hi John,
	When I go against what is standard in my rules I like to say
why I'm doing so at the very front of the essay.  That way there are
fewer surprises, and people can see at once the logic that the rules are
based on.

	However,  don't feel you have to apologise for writing your
rules a different way!

	By the way, a friend of mine, Matt Fraser, ran a TFT 
campaign based on TSR's DragonLance world.   In this the gods
return after ages, and all of a sudden cleric magic starts to work
again.  I helped him build a system that had a new attribute:  PY
for Piety!

	Thanks for the rules John!


>As I was going to answer this question a couple of days ago, Rick Smith's 
>article on Religions in TFT appeared.  Rick, I like what you did for TFT 
>Religion.  It follows similar logic lines that I took (as far a reasoning 
>out spirits and religious effects).  Wish I'd had your article before having 
>to delve into creation of the world years ago.  Rick's system fits nicely 
>into the standard TFT system as well.  However, because its already created, 
>here is another system of religion for TFT.
>In this particular game universe, gods are real and their religions 
>effective (a la Thieve's World.)  Sorry Rick, I do want to resort to a D&D 
>and C&S style of miracles and want to give clerics "God Powered" abilities 
>and make them the "medics" of the troops.  In this particular game universe, 
>they should have the ability of unbalancing the game.  Whether the GM makes 
>this available as a PC class is another question.  [Note: I do make a 
>differentiation between a 'Cleric' and a Miracle Worker.]

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