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(TFT) an introduction of myself


            My name is Joseph T. kowalski and I am new to the list so I
like to introduce to you all. I been playing role playing games off and
on about 20 year, I been playing when D&D had chits. I seen the game
industry evolve from chit to polyhedral dice then to a point pool system

to diceless(oxymoronic if you ask me). but the one game I would try come

back to is TFT. I was a D&D player by  profession I have to be honest
but secretly  I  like TFT. there is a couple reasons for this,  one  it
is simple to play, two you did not have to be in a group to play it. and

lastly after I seen ITL better produce game warts and all.

            I seen the disimation of D&D and the graying of the role
game industry to a nice borg gray.   I have played games though out the
years like powers & perils, pendragon, warhammer role-play (old school)
, white wolf games, and even gurps  (PC TFT++) , lastly an honorable
mention to ironhedge an independent game that come close to TFT. But
there something to a game  that lets gamer decide much detail they want.

I like how steve designed the game personally I like the human tank
class and I like steve and his fellows gave instruction how a labyrinth
or a dungeon could be design.  and some basic  ideals on  fantasy
mastering, I like how all the classes are package enough to allow
creativity. and  the monsters I like the most.  but be it as it may  I
like to see TFT make a comeback. apparently howard thompson don't want
that. I wish that there way some way some how contact him  and to give
the rights back to steve jackson or have a company republish  the game I

am serious about that because as it stand as a whole the FRP game
industry has forgotten one thing simplicity is genius. how detailed the
game world doesn't matter or let's make some money off the suckers in
the case of warhammer especially. Is bad business in FRP games to me,
for me a game got to have one key element  heart  and TFT has it and
thats why I been trying like a dog to get all major rulebooks to the

list of components that I have
fm codex
fm screen
in the labyrinth

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