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Re: (TFT) TFT: Zombies

Dave Seagraves wrote:
> [a cogent pole weapon analysis]

While I can't fault your analysis [for one thing, I don't know
how you did it :) ], I'm not in agreement with your conclusion
that the damage figures of pole weapons should be reduced.

To explain why, please hear out my "reality argument" concerning 
the halberd and pike axe: These are not primarily stabbing/charging
weapons.  Halberd and pike axe polearms are meant to be swung in
an arc, and when they are they generate a terrific amount of force.
I think a high damage value is warranted when they are used in that
fashion.  Where things go awry is when that same damage figure is
used (indeed, *multiplied*) to get a damage figure for when the
weapon is used in a charge.  If you charge with them, you stab the 
opponent with the spear point.  The heft of the weapon and its 
axe-blade are totally irrelevent when the weapon is used that way.

Because of this, my solution, as posted earlier, is to eliminate
the multiplying of the base damage and replace it with a flat 
bonus.   What might be simpler would be just to treat halberds 
and pike axes as spears when used in a charge.   But if you make
them relatively worthless for normal combat (at 1d+2 a pike axe
does the same damage as a *hatchet*, for goodness' sake!) then
they become some sort of artificial only-good-in-a-charge type
of creation - game-balanced, perhaps, but I have no idea what
sort of real weapon they'd represent.

All IMHO, of course.

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