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(TFT) Looking for TFT stuff?

I've watched several people ask about where to get stock of our beloved
game and its supplements, so here is a little primer, anyone know of any
other options, add them to the list.
1)I got my copies of the three main books and a death test from:
I don't know if he has anymore, but check him out. Mention my ebay user
id---S.C., I don't get anything for it, but he did get me great copies for
a fair price, so I like to have my grattitude known.
2) E-BAY E-BAY E-BAY!!! Most of the regulars know about e-bay.com
auctions, but iffin yer new to this whole electronic doodad thingy, check
their auctions. Sometimes good stuff comes up.
3) rec.games.frp.misc and rec.games.frp.dnd are to good usenet discussion
boards, post a wants list there, I'm sure someone will respond.
4) on rec.games.frp.misc , there is one seller named CATBLACK who has had
a fair amount of metagaming stuff up for auction, while never having
bought anything from him, he does seem to have alot of stuff.
Well thats me 2 coppers worth, anybody else have suggestions?

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