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Re: (TFT) Looking for TFT stuff?

> I've watched several people ask about where to get stock of our beloved
> game and its supplements, so here is a little primer, anyone know of any
> other options, add them to the list.

That covers most of the expensive places to find TFT...  the best bet
for budget prices are local game and hobby shops (especially those with
"used game" sections), "want to buy" posts posted in appropriate
newsgroups (generally rec.games.board.marketplace and
rec.games.frp.marketplace) and keeping an eye out for straight sales in
the newsgroups.  Sometimes a WTB post will attract the attention of
someone who can get the item for a reasonable price from their local
game store...

A couple of stale sources:  Sci-Fi City reportedly had some TFT
microquests for around $1 each, but they may be all gone (they were
formerly known as Enterprise Express.)  Paul Biggart (pbiggart@aol.com)
has a treasure trove of reasonably priced 80's gaming items but I don't
know if he has any TFT left either.

the Mav

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