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(TFT) Re: Dave's Pole weapons.

	Hi Dave, everyone.

	The problem with the new pole weapon damages below
is you are assuming that they will always get the 3 hex charge for
double damage.  If the other guys win initiative, there is a very 
good chance that they won't get that double damage.  At their
current damage people won't take them because they MUST get
that double damage to be ok.  After the inital charge, the weapons
are pretty much useless.  

	(By the way, wouldn't the average damage of a 2d-5 
for the javelin be 2 points of damage?)

	I penalize the DX of pole weapon users if they have a 
wall or enemy person (-6 DX) in their rear hexes  or a friendly 
person (-4 DX) in their rear hexes.  This change has gone a long 
way to bringing the pole weapons back under control.

	I agree that there are too many meaningless posts on the 
list.  I don't like wasting my time.


>Javelin: 2-5 (average damage 2.3)
>Spear (1-handed): 1 (3.5)
>Spear (2-handed): 1+1 (4.5)
>Halberd: 2-2 (5)
>Pike Ax: 1+2 (5.5)
>   Pretty surprising results!  At only 1-1 the javelin was actually still a
>pretty good deal compared to a rapier, so it had to be lowered just a bit.
>Compared to a bastard sword used 2-handed the halberd was too -- losing 2
>hits -- and the pike ax lost an entire die when put up against a battleaxe!
>The spear remained unchanged next to a shortsword.

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