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(TFT) TFT: Pole Weapons

Rick writes . . .

>The problem with the new pole weapon damages
>below is you are assuming that they will always
>get the 3 hex charge for double damage.  If the
>other guys win initiative, there is a very good
>chance that they won't get that double damage.
>At their current damage people won't take them
>because they MUST get that double damage to
>be ok.  After the inital charge, the weapons are
>pretty much useless.

   Actually I didn't take this optional rule into account . . .  I try to
use just plain-jane TFT when doing these little studies.  The assumptions
were: A quarter of the time they will do a successful charge attack (, a
quarter of they time they will /receive/ a charge attack (and get a +2 DX),
and half the time will be just a normal attack.
   But you're right . . .  at those damages they aren't very good weapons,
but the initial charge damage theoretically makes up for it.

>(By the way, wouldn't the average damage of a
>2d-5 for the javelin be 2 points of damage?)

   On the surface that's what it looks like, but it actually averages to
2.277777777 . . .  (need a math symbol here for irrational repeating
numbers).  The reason is because on a straight 2d-5 roll a negative result
is possible, but there's no such thing as negative weapon damage in TFT, so
all those negatives turn into zeroes, which bumps the average result from 2
up to the above number.

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