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(TFT) Stored pole weapon?

Hi all.
I have very much enjoyed looking through the message archives and I
have learned a lot.
Name - Glen
Location - Central CT
TFT items owned in past - Melee, Wizard, ITL
Other game enjoyed - Ogre
TFT items owned now - All except non Metagaming stuff

I have only played solo and vs. my brother who lives nearby. I am
currently creating ogre lands and my brother is creating a human land.
We will take turns GMing forays into each others territory.

I also enjoy writing GM assistant programs in Visual Basic. They help
me run battles involving many characters. I guess I'm more of a board
game type player than a role player but, the role playing aspect pops
up now and then and adds to the fun.

Back to pole weapons - Can a pole weapon be a stored weapon? I don't
think so. Not unless you can take it apart as I have noticed someone
here mention once.

Thanks for all your great efforts and creativity.


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