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Re: (TFT) Talent Packaging for TFT

John Paul Bakshoian wrote:
> By the way... If you were given the task of writing a talent package 
> for TFT, how would you do it?  (counter-challenge here...and no, 
> seppuku is not an option.)

A suggestion: it's already in there!  Just reverse-engineer the job
list and there's your packages.  Or check out the character-type
descriptions listed at the beginning of ITL - more packages!  It's
like Christmas in here; we got packages coming out our ears!  

This is my favorite kind of job; one that's already done.

Now of course there's no cost discounts involved in TFT's packages.
But to me that's okay because I would have to throw my in with the 
"Discounts? We don't need no stinking discounts" party.  Now I know,
the disadvantages are supposed to help balance the cost, but "loyalty
to ship and crew" as a disadvantage?  What if the character resigns 
his commission and heads for dry land?  Does he have to pay that point 
back somehow?  

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