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Re: (TFT) Talent Packaging for TFT

>>>>>>>[Michael, a comment here on editing:  When you're attributing the
item you 
>>>>>>>will be reviewing, the above message does not give us any
>>>>>>>Please use the author's name; in this case John Paul.]

Okay. I just avoided that because I didnt want anyone to think I was
attacking them personally - I'm just attacking the idea!

>>>>>>>if a GM doesn't like the fact that there is a free point or two in
>>>>>>>Package or that the disadvantages gives too many points, just adjust

That's my fundamental problem with it. Free Points. The discount seems to
be given just because Champions did it. There wasn't any logical basis for
it in Champions either! (IMHO).

Otherwise, grouping Talents to make NPCs is just like grouping them for
Jobs. I think it's a terrific tool for the GM. 

>>>>>>If I have guys who want to make rangers... the 
>>>>>>>GM is giving you more because you are saving me time by making it
easier for 
>>>>>>>the players to prepare the character (less labor is involved in
making the 
>>>>>>>well prepared Ranger Package).  

Hmmmm....your making it even faster to create TFT characters....? I wasn't
aware that it was all tha slow...

>>>>>>>And I know what is in a Ranger Package and 
>>>>>>>what his responsibilities are.  So that saves me time than trying to

>>>>>>>remember if Joe has the ranger talent and animal handling and
>>>>>>>This does not mean that the character *has to* choose this package
to be a 
>>>>>>>ranger.  He can choose all the talents seperately if he wishes and
not have 
>>>>>>>the troubles of the disadvantages of the package.  He might not want
>>>>>>>package because of not wanting Guild or Society entanglements or
point costs 
>>>>>>>or his character learned things hodgepodge, etc.

Couldn't this lead to players spending less time thinking about their
characters are indvidiuals and more time looking for the most
cost-effective packages? Isn't this indirectly 'punishing' roleplaying
because your NOT giving a discount to someone who makes a *unigue* ranger?

>>>>>>>You know though, this reduction of cost for Package Goods just might
>>>>>>>similar in concept to reducing the costs of certain talents because
the GM 
>>>>>>>feels they cost too much.  

Some GM's DO feel that Talents cost too much... I'm not one of them. Since
I always allow "default" rolls against your attributes, I feel like if you
buy a Talent, your extra special at that ability. So anyone can make their
3/DX Driving rolls to avoid hitting a stray dog that crosses the road. But
if you have the Driver talent you can be Car Wars driver. 

So if anyone doesn't want to pay the 'high' cost of a talent, they can
always just attempt it without the talant. Also, I'll allow the AdjIQ rules
seen in previous posts. 

But I would have no problem with a reduction in the cost of some Talents,
but only if its across the board. Giving special discounts for players for
the sole reason that they came up with some backstory twist seems like a
way to encourage players to alter their backstories to get the bonus

That way leads to... Van Nuys...

>>>>>>>But seriously...Hey; its just a Code of Honor (perhaps the term Duty
>>>>>>>be better?).  

That's what I mean. *Everone* has a Code of Honor! (from Ursula Le Guin's
Left Hand of Darkness, paraphrased Q: "What makes a man a traitor?", A:
"Well, no one considers themselves a traitor, which makes it very hard to
do research..."). So it seems like giving away points for it is like giving
away points for fingernails....

Duty might make more sense if they had a specific obligation to do
something...but these don't make very good disadvantages for roleplaying
because it's a pretty artificial limitation. In real life we have duties,
but they only limit us in the ways that we let them. You generaly always
have a duty to the job you have!

In other words, having a Job is definitely a Disadvantage. But since
everyone considered 'normal' has one, it shouldn't be worth any points.
Adventurers should get the -4 point Disadvantage Adventurer ("Vagabond,
untrustworthy, overconfident, lazy, dreamer"). Well, they DO get it - this
is why normals are about 28 points and Adventurers are 32 points! 

>>>>>>>See Michael, its all in how you Roleplay the game.

This is exactly why I like to keep the points out of it! 

>>>>>>>By the way... If you were given the task of writing a talent package
>>>>>>>TFT, how would you do it?  (counter-challenge here...and no, seppuku
is not 
>>>>>>>an option.)

Good question! Actually, I *have* thought about it for years! There are
certain benefits to grouping like Talents. Mainly, that your backstory will
make sense. "Let's see, your a Fencing expert with Courtly Graces and

But I haven't been able to come up with anything that works. Basically, I
like the way the Job list works. If you have those Talents all together,
your much more likely to get the job than some who's a TFT "Liberal
Arts/Anything I feel like learning" character. 

I basically create the package and don't give them free points, but I do
give free equipment. The idea being that if you have had this job and are
not a 'weekend' ranger, then you automatically are considered to have some
appropraite equipment (all stolen from WFRP packages). 

Therefore, my ranger package looks like this:

IQ 11 (10 CP)
TALENTS: Silent Movement (9/2), Tracking (10/1), Gardener (9/2), Language
(Secret Woodsman Signs, 6/1), Trap Making (11/2), Ax/Mace (7/2), 
FREE STARTING EQUIPMENT: Battle Axe (3d6), Leather Armor (2 HS, -2/-2)

Not entirely satisfactory and very expensive, but it definetly makes my
rangers dedicated rangers! Like you its mostly used for NPCs. 


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