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Re: (TFT) On Experience

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Thanks Michael.  Its been years since I looked up the EP rules on ITL:10.  
Seeing this post prompted me to look at them again.  I might just add some 
of this standard TFT experience system to what I have in place now.


The main thing I dont like about TFT EP is that it's tedious and illusion
breaking to be constantly keeping track of it during the game. I like the
fact that it takes effect immediately, but it's kindof  a pain to do. 

I don't even mind the "killing blow" EP - its usually not enough to worry

I think that it's been inadvertantly mentioned that the way WFRP does it is
to give a little 'recap' of what the 'scene' is worth in EP. I prefer that
kind of style. This directly rewards characters for advancing the plot -
making the story good for everyone rather than just increasing their own

Since I also give out fate/luck/karma points for different good and evil
type of actions, I seperate the players rewards for good sportsmanship and
playing (EP) from the 'universes' rewards for the creating and destructive
behavior of heroes. 

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