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(TFT) Re:Chemist and Alchemists.

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>>>>>>  No formula, I just guess what the proper price should be based
>>>>>>on other items and what they do.

Yeah, that's what I thougth. It seems like there out to be a (IQ level of
spell  x Number of uses x Number of Wizards) formula for creating generic
magic items.

>>>>>>>I've always thought the TFT magic system was the least elegant thing
>>>>>>>the game and I'm betting you've rethought it yourself long before I
>>>>>>>>>>>>    I rather liked the TFT magic system. 

I mispoke - I love the magic system, but I hate the magic ITEM creation

>>>>>>  I still have copies for sale, but they were written when I was
>>>>>>a kid, and I think the rules suck now.  If anyone wants them I'll
>>>>>>them for $10.00.  (Canadian funds if I can mail to Canada, or US
>>>>>>if I have to mail to the USA.)
>>>>>>  If anyone is interested in them, be warned.  The rules are 
>>>>>>not as good as most of the stuff of mine you have seen.  They were
>>>>>>first big TFT project I've done and they did and they did not age
>>>>>>Michael can probably give a review of them if he would like.
>>>>>>  I've been meaning to revise the Alchemist and Chemists in
>>>>>>TFT for ages, but it is such a huge job, I've never started it.
>>>>>>  Rick

Well, I'm pretty happy with it, but then again, I use it as a list of magic
items that the players have never seen before. For that purpose its
terrific. And if anyone ever expressed an interest in alchemy or chemistry,
I'd probably use some of the tables and some of the talents. I thought it
was worth it - and it IS huge! All the potions, elixers and stuff you can

Rick - I'm be more than happy to desktop publish it for you if you still
have the raw files? That might make it easier to modify later....

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