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(TFT) Thank You

Michael stated,

<<<Wow! I like this alot! Thanks! I'll try to work this into the current
sytem I have...>>>>

More than likely, Michael, someone will take offense but cause they consider
this mail a waste of space (Oh! by the way we're at 475+ and counting)

But Michael,
Thank you very, very, very, very (without the knockout punch) much for your
comment on the Priesthood stuff that I added to the list.  The original of
this I wrote in 1981 but it was more complicated.  When I read everyone
else's comments on Priesthood I wanted to chime in with my thoughts but
first I had to revise it.

If any of you can think of other blessings/miracles for this system of
priesthood don't hesitate to place them on the list.

Yours in Cidri,

P.S. Sorry about that html thing, Joe

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