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(TFT) Re: Maille and chain armor


This is a I beg to differ:

<<<.  In any event, rapiers are primarily
duelling weapons and would have been used off the battlefield when you'd be
unarmored anyway.>>>

At least in the 16th and early 17th century these duellist's were trained to
fight using thrusts designated to attack the weak parts of a plate armored
warrior.  Specifically,  cuts and thrusts directed at joints and neck to
disable that warrior.  The joints of the armor, as we all know, is the
weakest part of the armor.  At the most, each joint being protected by
either a light padding or piece of "maille".  A cut to the backside of the
knee would disable the warrior or stab to the armpit would enter the heart
killing the warrior.

As far as the following:
<<<Chainmail was surplanted by plate armor
because the latter stops everything better, it was a matter of industry and
technology catching up with what armor-wearers wanted and needed.>>>

Agreed, also there is a possiblity that the availability of iron/steel grew;
hence, making  plate armor more affordable.  Also an armorer could tell you
that cold/hot forging an object is a lot easier to do than make maille at
least in time.

Ed Hogg mentioned,

<<<I believe chain and plate was still being made as late as the American
Civil War, at least in pieces to fit under clothing for soldiers.>>>

I know of breast plates being used and of course thrown away because of
their weight.  I have not seen any thing about chain armor though.  But as
far as armor is concerned it is still used in modern kevlar items (flak
jackets etc...)

Yours in Cidri,

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