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Re: (TFT) Maille or Chain Armor

On Tue, 2 Nov 1999 17:44:45 -0500, "grabowski" <grabowski@erols.com>

>Dan mentioned,
><<<Rapiers have pretty narrow, thin blades, so you might be right here.
>In general though, I think the statement can be made that chainmail
>is much better at protecting its wearer from piercing/thrusting
>weapons than bashing/bludgeoning ones (or crushing, to use GURPS
>The reason chain armor or mail armor (chainmail is redundant because mail in
>French means chain) became antiquated was because of piercing weapons, such
>as longbow arrows and rapiers.  There is plenty of evidence of chain armor
>being used up until the 17th century though.  Here in the Americas, at
>Jamestown in particular, there is reference to chain armor being used.   The
>Virginia Company asked the English government to provide armor for the
>protection of the settlers here in the New World.  The government sent armor
>but it was all the antiquated chain armor from the tower.  The Company
>didn't mind though as the Powhatan Indians only used stone-tipped arrows.
>As far as stopping damage, chain armor is very effective vs.
>cutting/slashing attacks.

I believe chain and plate was still being made as late as the American
Civil War, at least in pieces to fit under clothing for soldiers.

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