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(TFT) Maille or Chain Armor

Dan mentioned,

<<<Rapiers have pretty narrow, thin blades, so you might be right here.
In general though, I think the statement can be made that chainmail
is much better at protecting its wearer from piercing/thrusting
weapons than bashing/bludgeoning ones (or crushing, to use GURPS

The reason chain armor or mail armor (chainmail is redundant because mail in
French means chain) became antiquated was because of piercing weapons, such
as longbow arrows and rapiers.  There is plenty of evidence of chain armor
being used up until the 17th century though.  Here in the Americas, at
Jamestown in particular, there is reference to chain armor being used.   The
Virginia Company asked the English government to provide armor for the
protection of the settlers here in the New World.  The government sent armor
but it was all the antiquated chain armor from the tower.  The Company
didn't mind though as the Powhatan Indians only used stone-tipped arrows.

As far as stopping damage, chain armor is very effective vs.
cutting/slashing attacks.

Yours in Cidri,

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