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(TFT) Another take on shields

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When a character with a shield
is attacked from a front hex, the character rolls against adjusted
(adjDX).  If their roll was equal to or below their adjDX, the shield is
instead of the character.  When a shield is hit, the opponent still rolls
his damage to see if the shield is destroyed.  If the damage against the
shield is more than seven points plus whatever the shield stops passively
stoppage value (ie. a +1 magic large shield stops three hits plus seven
means the damage against the shield would have to exceed ten points in
to be damaged). Of
course, any damage that exceeds the shield being damaged rolls over and
damages the character.

This is my personal favorite type of Sheild rules and very similar to the
house rules I use for shields with a couple of minor variations.
* Talents: Shields work as normal TFT rules unless you have the Sheild
talent, making it suddenly much more valuable.
* Shields can take 20 times their HS in Hits, not seven (as per AM:20). 
* A 3/DX roll allows the Shield to take Half damage if successful or full
damage on a Crit/Automatic success.
* Armorer can repair sheild damage as per Interplay article.


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