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Hello, I'm new to this list, but if I may step in here...
How about this...

  A highly skilled individual with sheild talent, and two weapons,
may use a sheild agressively against one attack to block that attack.
Opponent rolls four dice to attack.  A miss means the sheild takes
all the damage (see sheild damage rules in ITL).  The skilled
sheild/two weapons individual still gets to attack, but at -4 DX
as this is considered the secondary attack for this action.

  My name is David.  I have been runing the same Cidri campaign
since 1984 (playing TFT even longer) base entirely on one small
  I liked your analysis of the percentages, Stan.  This is
similar to how I view the rule system.
  Also Dan, I thought that chainmail, while begin good at stopping
puncturing weapons, was terrible at stopping a rapier.  From what
I have read the rapier was invented to pass through chainmail un-
hindered and heralded in the era of no armour similar to the Three
Musketeers Genera.

David Michael Grouchy II

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