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Re: (TFT) TFT Tourney??

Hi Brennan,
	Heck yes!  use TFT rules.

	I strongly suggest you use pre-generated characters
since that will chop out a large part of the rules.

	Throw out HTH rules.

	Throw out talents.  If you want a bit more then 
have the Thief, Priest  etc. talents that don't do anything
but when the GM asks, "Is there a Thief to pick this lock"
only people with the Thief talent are allowed to TRY the 
special saving throw that you describe at that time.

	To roll to miss, people between you and the target,
make a 1/6 chance you hit your friend (if an enemy is 'hit' 
by this 1/6 chance it hits the ground in the enemies' hex.)

	Throw out Pole weapons.

	It always takes 100 experience points to go up an
attribute and just give out exp. after each fight "Ok, everyone
gets 10 exp. except Joe, Dave and Cindy; they get 25."  Some 
people can start with different exp. totals if you don't want
the whole group going up in a block.

	Say that if you take 5 points of damage you are
at -2 DX for the rest of THAT TURN and all of the next 
turn.  (Easier to remember this rule and more logical.)

	Make up a one page list of combat options and
simple, standard DX adjustments.  Have a few copies 
floating around the table.

	Those who know TFT (or are willing to put some
effort in practicing a head of time) are the only ones that get

	When a multihex figure bumps someone back
just tell them what happens, and what rolls have to be made, 
don't have it in the rule summary.

	Give the party a fair number of healing potions.  So
that the players will have a chance to settle in to the combat 

	When I teach TFT I say, "there are 3 basic rules in
TFT.  When you figure out them, everything else logically 
plugs into the system.
	First explain attributes and saving throws, e.g. to
hit: 3vsDX. Why it is always good to have higher attributes.
	Second explain options.  The slower you move the
more you can do.  Show list of options.
	Lastly explain hitting and armor.  

	(The above 3 clusters of rules will cover about 
80 percent of the simplified version of MELEE I suggest.)

	When I do large combats like this, I take one of 
those soft hex sheets and draw Mh on it with indellible marker.
Then I can draw the whole dungeon on the 1.5 * 1.0 meter
sheet, as they explore it.  It takes about 2 to 3 hours to do
but once you are done, you have a very nice TFT resource.

	By the end of the 3rd combat, most of your players
will be chomping at the bit to learn more rules.

	If you are going to have them fight a dragon, use the
largest one you have and seriously think about toughening it
up.  TFT dragons are pretty whimpy compaired to the D&D
beasts.  (Or at least point out that 7 hex dragon is a young
adult.  I have dragons in my campaign up to 30 hexes.)

	Good luck.

>Hey guys, 
>Wanted to bounce an idea off of you:
>I've been thinking about throwing a "Dungeon Crawl
>Party" -- basically, get a WHOLE BUNCH of gamers
>together and hack and slash their way through a
>dungeon.  Total meyham sort of thing.  20 gamers,
>minatures oriented, he who survives with the most
>points wins. 
>To that end, the decision comes down to D&D vs. TFT. 
>In my mind, TFT makes a better tactical game than D&D
>does because of its roots.  On the other hand, most
>people know how to play D&D, while most of the people
>in my group of friends don't really know how to play
>So, would anyone be willing to help me create a 1 page
>rules set which describes how to play TFT?  Something
>everyone can read over in no time and be basically
>familiar with the game system.  Does anyone have ideas
>to liven my basic concept up more??
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