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(TFT) TFT Tourney??

Hey guys, 

Wanted to bounce an idea off of you:

I've been thinking about throwing a "Dungeon Crawl
Party" -- basically, get a WHOLE BUNCH of gamers
together and hack and slash their way through a
dungeon.  Total meyham sort of thing.  20 gamers,
minatures oriented, he who survives with the most
points wins. 

To that end, the decision comes down to D&D vs. TFT. 
In my mind, TFT makes a better tactical game than D&D
does because of its roots.  On the other hand, most
people know how to play D&D, while most of the people
in my group of friends don't really know how to play

So, would anyone be willing to help me create a 1 page
rules set which describes how to play TFT?  Something
everyone can read over in no time and be basically
familiar with the game system.  Does anyone have ideas
to liven my basic concept up more??




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