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Re: Fw: (TFT) Re: Missile weapons & charging polearms


As I recall, a charge attack starts at least 2 hexes away (which is about 9-10 feet?). I would assume that about 5 feet of polearm is sticking out in front of the charger.

The bowman is engaged by the charge and still can get a last shot off. If the "Charge Attack" rule weren't being used, it would be AdjDex order. Since it is being used, my interpretation of the rules gives it to the polearm guy to go first.

This may not work if you were doing Live-Action Roleplaying. It would seem that the polearm would lose the race if he's running for more that 3 hexes against a competent flexible archer.

This archer vs. charger situation does not happen that often to really have a cow over it. How about a compromise: Let this be a situation where action happens simultaneously. Have these two guys duke it out first. If the polearm guy hits the archer, calculate damage and then hold off a second. Now the archer shoots (ignoring what the polearm did.) Calculate damage for the arrow. Figure out the outcome; none are killed or unconscious, one is killed or unconscious, both are killed or unconsious, etc. Continue play.

Does this at least handle the unfairness of it all? (probably not, but it does allow both to get their shots in).

Hail Melee,
John Paul

From: "grabowski" <grabowski@erols.com>
Subject: Fw: (TFT) Re: Missile weapons & charging polearms
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 22:34:00 -0500

Stan and I have been rule lawyering here what do the rest of you think!
Thanks Ron!

Stan stated,
It states under missile weapons (p. 14 AM) "Generally, only a
disengaged figure may attack with a missile weapon.  A figure with a
missile weapon ready can get off ONE SHOT if suddenly engaged, but
must then drop the missile weapon."

He gets the shot off. Yes. But the rule says nothing about WHEN that shot occurs. It doesn't say he gets the shot off before the opponent, only that he gets it at all--which needs to be stated since normally missile weapons can't be used in melee. Barring any specific rule to the contrary (as with polearms) actions occur on the user's DX. That's when this final shot is
supposed to occur.

The problem is it states under POLE WEAPONS (p. 12 AM) that, "on any turn when a pole weapon is used IN a charge attack or AGAINST a charge attack (or both), roll all pole-weapon results
FIRST, in order of adjDX, before resolving any other attacks."

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