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Re: (TFT) TFT: Attack Order & HTH

	Hi Everyone,

	In each addition of MELEE they seemed to change how
HTH works.  The way I play it is that attempts at HTH happen
during the option part of the phase (except for diving at the victim's
legs which happens during movement but has other penalties). It
works very well.  I strongly suggest that you think carefully about
if you want attempts at HTH to happen during movement.


>Srydzews writes . . .
>>(Well, there is one exception...a HtH attempt beats a pole arm!)
>   Wow . . .  I never thought about this before.  Attempts to enter HtH
>combat happen during /movement/ . . .  not actions.  The guy who plays the
>archer in my campaign has been badgering me about the attack order issue,
>but I've been avoiding making yet another change to the written rules.  I'll

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