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(TFT) Greff's journal, 10th day.

	The whole day was a complete, utter waste!

	The little civilian goblin got back, and went to sleep.
Before it did, I asked it about what it saw.  All I can say is that 
it is no fighter, it did not notice ANY THING of military 
importance, nothing.

	With the Decathon Leader gone, Ben decided that today
was "Do what that druid wants" day.  I think that Ben is still 
unmanned from the ghost that the druid keeps feeding.

	Anyway, more than a third of our peasants, Ben, 
Drimkror, Galendaar and Rarrempt k' Chollen for a while went 
off to the swamp to dig a ditch and drain it!  In a couple months 
the swamp will be completely drowned by the new lake, but there 
is nothing for it but to pull workers off improving the defenses to
do THIS.

	Im' and Nem' went chasing off after the demon to get
healing herbs for that druid.  It should only have taken them an
hour or so, but then trusted the demon, and it led them everywhere.
Then they got lost because of the 'Getting Lost' spell that is a 
perminant part of this region inside the rune line.  It was not until
after dark that they got back.

	My leg is still torn up, and there was literally not a 
healthy fighter in the pallisade.  Ben was damn lucky that no one 
attacked the fort today.

	My foot has hurt like hell all day.  Ben should never have
had me run and fight on it.  I wish the Decathon' would get back.

	They dug the ditch.  I'm told it was more than 3 meters
deep!  That druid galavanted down there to tell them to dig it deeper
and to encourage Galendaar to use up all his power blasting the
unusually hard rock.  You would almost think that druid was trying
to get us killed.  Strange how I seem to be the only person who
notices this.

	Oh, by the way things turned out, there was so much 
extra work to be done on the ditch, that the extra work on the river
bank is not finished.  We will need the dwarf, the wizard and a
bunch of peasants for all of tomorrow morning, _at least_, to finish
up that druid's make work project.

	It has been more than 32 hours since our leader, Doror' 
Tm Cremp took the scouts on the raiding / scouting mission, and he 
is still not back.  We have not seen any smoke from destroyed goblin 
camps today and I'm afraid he has been killed.  Why couldn't the 
Decathon have sent some one else on the raid?

	Well they washed out that druid's wounded foot with its
special potion.  It yelled and cried and fouled its self and fainted.
Now everyone is afraid that druid will loose too much blood and die.
That would be just too bad.  If it does, then I for one won't be crying.

	Everytime I think about today I get mad.  I'm going to try
to go to sleep.  Maybe the goblins will attack tomorrow and kill half of 
us.  If I die, then I won't have to suffer any more.  If that druid dies our
chances of living will double no matter how many it takes down with
it.  And if every one dies except me and that druid, then I will be able
to finish the SOB.  In any case it will be a better day than today was.



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