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Re: (TFT) TFT: Hits and Fatigue Points

I split the Hits and Fatigues, but still try to keep the same system going. I make a hits hashmark and a fatigues hashmark

Joe ST=12      Hits    Fat            \=5  /=1
              \///    //
This means that Joe has 8 hits on him and 2 fatigue.
I add Fatigue and Stregnth to get 10 down on STRENGTH of 12.

If Joe goes to 0 hit points he is dead (except that I allow overkills up to his ST to be healed in one minute by magic or miracles. Staunching helps stop external bleeding which continues 1 point every 2 rounds [or whichever variation I'm playing at the time].)

If Joe goes to 0 fatigues, he is unconscious.

If Joe's overall STRENGTH goes to 3 points, the stun rule kicks in. If Joe's overall STRENGTH goes to 0, but not 0 hitpoints, Joe goes unconscious. Joe can go negative unconscious which means that it will take longer for Joe to become conscious. Joe recoups one point of Fatigue for every 15 minutes rest (or thru magic).

This system allows for the game's concept that 0 STRENGTH puts you out of the game. This system also allows the player who is fatiguing his character to have a chance to live if he is brought to 0 STREGNTH but not 0 hit points.

For the guy (sorry I don't recall who as I'm typing this) who recently said they'd have their character live if brought to 0 hit points but not 0 fatigue, that seems very much like voiding death. Some game systems allow that Joe has died at 0 hit points, but is hanging on to life to do that one more heroic action, then at the end of a turn or two, he truly is irrevocably dead. Maybe you can have Joe who reaches 0 hit points hang onto life, but that it drains him 3 fatigue each round?

But the main reason I split MY RECORDING OF DAMAGE AND FATIGUE is that if I healed Joe for the previous 2 hits, I would have to know that I could still rest for 30 minutes and get 2 more STRENGTH back. If you just record everything without designating, how are you going to know what you can rest up for? Recording the damage seperate from the fatigue is a players record keeping system and not a change in the rules. [Yes, everything above this paragraph would be a change in the rules; HOUSE RULES.]

Hail Melee
John Paul

From: "Dave Seagraves" <dseagraves@austin.rr.com>
Subject: (TFT) TFT: Hits and Fatigue Points
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 19:04:03 -0600

Dan writes . . .

>I don't know about this.  Specifically, I'm thinking of
>the extreme case where a figure with a base ST of 12 has
>taken 10 points of damage, but still has 12 fatigue points
>left.  This seems unreasonable.  What about this: each
>two points of damage causes a loss of 1 fST as well.
>Bleeding takes an awful lot out of you.

   A very good point, and not a bad solution as well, but the added rule
change and slight increase in bookkeeping isn't worth the added realism . .
.  at least not for me.
   This rule change reminds me of /The Morrow Project/ with its separate
Structure Points and Blood Points damage system.

Ron writes . . .

>Good evening gentlemen, this is Ron Pehr.  You've been discussing
>the polearm v. last-ditch missle weapon conflict.  Since the
>polearm user is charging, he has to cross distance to use the
>weapon, while the missle weapon user is already "engaged" in that
>he has the weapon loaded and ready to discharge (I don't remember
>if it's express or implied that the last-shot-before-melee rule
>is with a loaded/cocked/primed weapon).  The implication of the
>rule is that the shooter discharged the missle weapon as the
>attacker closed the distance.

This is the best reasoning I've seen yet for having the archers go first.
I might try playtesting it with just archers vs. pole weapon users, just to
see how it goes.
   (By the way Ron, thanks for the extra Handicaps.  :)

Dave Seagraves

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